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SXSW Pocket Guide: Nobunny, Natural Child & Thee Oh Sees

By Staff on March 8, 2013


SXSW Pocket Guide: Nobunny, Natural Child & Thee Oh Sees

It’s the time of the year when love is in the air, April’s rain falls and of course SXSW. Every year the international festival presents an even more awe inspiring line-up of things to see and do than the year before. We understand how overwhelming the whole thing can be and have created the SXSW Pocket Guide series to help you navigate your way through life (for the next week at least). This edition breaks down Brixton’s showcase featuring some of the best rock n’ roll the Gods have to offer. Check it out below.


This Edition: Brixton Present Filter On Rainey, Crashing The Capitol @ Clive Bar (Saturday, March 16th).


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The frantic wild sounds coming out of the mask feel as if they’re being channeled through from the wild, with the mask, and it’s inhabitant Justin Champlin, being the medium to allow the spirit of rock n’ roll to be unleashed on the world. Nobunny can make noise in the garage with the best of them as well as serenade an entire crowd with a bubblegum love song, and he does both at the same damn time. Nobunny takes the stage at 4 so make sure you’re there to catch a guaranteed memorable set.






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Natural Child

Nashville’s sons Natural Child emit a vibe that couldn’t come across as more genuine and laid back. They truly seem at home performing their blues laden party rock and want everyone to have just as good a time as they are. You will sweat, you will spill your beverage, you will dance till you can dance no more and you won’t care about anything at all besides the moment you shared with Natural Child. To create your own future memories make sure you check these guys out at 5.






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Thee Oh Sees

What had originally started as a John Dwyer solo project eventually filled out into a full fledged band and Thee Oh Sees have been doing things their own way ever since. Letting their wide array of influences all seep in and marinate Thee Oh Sees have a staked out a spot in music for themselves. Never satisfied with being the complacent in song writing, Dwyer and company work hard to keep their sound in constant evolution. The band puts a lot of energy into their live show and it is definitely a sight to see. They headline the show, going on at 6.


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