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SXSW Buzz-o-meter:  Of Monsters and Men, Painted Palms, WIM

By Staff on January 18, 2012


SXSW Buzz-o-meter:  Of Monsters and Men, Painted Palms, WIM

It's 2012, and we're kicked in full gear. We're preparing our ears for some of the most highly anticipated musical experiences of the season. FILTER decided to help you out with getting to know who will bring the buzz SXSW 2012, and we're predicting you'll be praising these picks by the end of the extravaganza in Austin.


Of Monsters and Men

Folk-pop band Of Monsters and Men released their EP, Into the Woods, back in December 20, 2011 (not THAT long ago). Reigning from Iceland, these folkie noise-makers earned a slot on the influential Iceland Airwaves festival last year, and got some well deserved respect from influential Seattle radio station KEXP. This year Of Monsters and Men will be gracing SXSW giving musical enthusiasts a taste of Icelandic goodness. Lend your eyes and ears to the video of the band performing "Little Talk" on KEXP below.


Painted Palms

Classify pop and buoyant electronics under Painted Palms repetuar. Cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme are Painted Palms, Lafayette, Louisana natives and based out in the Bay Area in California. 2012 seeks a debut LP from the band that has yet to be named. Painted Palms caught the eye of Kevin Barnes from of Montreal, who was impressed by their self-released debut EP entitled Canopy. Their luscious soundscapes and hypnotic sound experiments got them an invite to act as main support for of Montreal's spring 2011 tour. Hear what attracted Kevin Barnes and us to Painted Palms, below!



Breaking it down and tearing it all to shreds, five-piece band WIM take harmonies for a ride, enducing listeners with their catchy tunes. These Australians paid FILTER's Culture Collide a visit back in October this past year (2011), then hopped over to CMJ making a huge impression at attendees from both U.S. coasts. Shortly after, WIM released their self-titled debut on November 15th via on Modular Recordings. Download WIM's self-titled debut, Here. Take a listen to WIM's swoon-worthy tracks below.

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