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SXSW Buzz-o-meter: Oberhofer, Hanni El Khatib & Heartless Bastards

By Staff on February 14, 2012


SXSW Buzz-o-meter: Oberhofer, Hanni El Khatib & Heartless Bastards

It's 2012, and we're kicked in full gear. We're preparing our ears for some of the most highly anticipated musical experiences of the season. FILTER decided to help you out with getting to know who will bring the buzz SXSW 2012, and we're predicting you'll be praising these picks by the end of the extravaganza in Austin.


Brooklyn-based Oberhofer comes to us by ways of the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma, WA. Emotion is what drives the psychedelic catchy pop rock tunes crafted by the oft-effervescent Brad Oberhofer. Drawing on influences ranging from Brian Wilson to Descartes, the 21 year old is fixated on the idea of making philosophically minded, energetic melodies that just make people smile. Allow Oberhofer to his way through this dream-pop.

HEART - Oberhofer by Glassnotemusic


Hanni El Khatib

Innovative Leisure Records sure knew what they were looking for when they decided to sign Hanni El Khatib in 2010. This San Francisco native is all things noisy - amping up elements of the classic lo-fi garage rock scene, blues, and could potentially morph in some rockabilly stereotypes. What's great about this once avid skateboarder is how well he bridges the relationship between a fun time (no brainer) and a truly creative perspective. Check out a track by Hanni El Khatib below!.


Heartless Bastards

The Heartless Bastards' story started in Dayton, Ohio, where Wennerstrom found the name on a multiple choice video trivia game at a bar. Heartless Bastards found their way to Austin by ways of Cincinnati, OH, who stumbled into a mega-reknowned-musician-fan at an Akron show who helped them get recognized by Fat Possum Records. The band is currently touring in support of their new album, Arrow, out February 14th (see dates Here). What really is attributed as the "stand-out" with this band is their ability to maintain some sort of discipline with their talent and sound. Clearly, Heartless Bastards could rock out any day, but maintaining a fine control over what they do speaks through their music. Stream their latest release below.

Arrow by Heartless Bastards

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