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SOUND OF CHANGE: How To Celebrate July 4th…American Style?

By Ezra Pine and Mac Faulkner on July 1, 2011


SOUND OF CHANGE: How To Celebrate July 4th…American Style?

The Fourth of July is quite the day for folks in the United States. Earlier this week, FILTER brought you our staff's Top 5 pick for movies to watch on the 4th. Today, Ezra and Mac over at Rhythm's SoCal headquarters take note of other quality things to enjoy during the American Holiday. For more on Ezra and Mac's world, visit Happy Canada Day!

July 4th is also known as Independence Day, or ID4, as many people refer to it. This is because, on July 2, 1996 an enormous spaceship entered earth’s orbit and deployed 36 saucer-shaped destroyers, each of which at least 15 miles wide, over major cities around the globe. Then a team of earth’s finest folks from Will Smith to the President to Jeff Goldblum teamed up to kick some alien butt and save our world. Now we celebrate July 4th as the day that The United States solidified its independence as a nation run by humans, not aliens.

Jock Jams Megamix


Avenue Beat Walk: Look the part

There is no day where it is more acceptable nor more imperative that you incorporate all aspects of the Star Spangled Banner into your attire than the Fourth of July ( July 4th ). First and foremost each of the colors red, white, and blue must be represented in your clothing in precisely the proportions that they maintain on the flag. From there go all out and add a sparkly top hat with stripes and stars, an American flag robe/cape, or some thin striped, tri-color shorts. All in all, the more obnoxiously patriotic you appear to be the better.



WHY: Everyone probably has their own great story involving writing messages with sparklers, watching a huge fireworks show with friends and family, or having a full-fledged roman candle war within a confined space. Not matter your story, everyone can agree that fireworks are as American as . . . well . . . fireworks.

Men Without Hats - "Safety Dance" from Rhythm of Youth (GMC/Virgin, 1982)

WHY: Remember, safety third. Need any help, listen up…

Get after it.

The National Anthem by Radiohead by johnthethird

WHY: Nothing inspires a little anarchy like chaos, noise, trumpets and drone…

The Album Leaf - "Stand Still" from A Chorus of Storytellers (Sub Pop, 2010)

WHY: Take a breath with The Album Leaf. Sit down, collect yourself, let the sunshine kiss your face, smile, Stand Still, put that flag back in your hand, light a sparkler and get moving!

2nd Wind

WHY: Remember why you’re partying. You are the incarnation of the fire that burns inside of every American. You must fight, my child. You must fight for you right, to party! Amurikah. YES.

Cut Copy - "Where I'm Going" from Zonoscope (Modular Recordings, 2011)

WHY: Monday won’t end, trust us. Don’t worry about the come down, Tuesday is shrouded in a fog of Roman Candle smoke and sparkler flare.  Call upon your  spirit animal (Bald Eagle, obviously) and get motivated.


We invented inventing things. We we’re the first to play golf, on the moon.  We celebrate with explosions, drinks and disco. The Beatles used OUR accent until their hair grew long and they got feet down below their knees.  We drive fast, we party serious, we have more fun than you. We. Are. Americans.
P.s. Happy Canada Day…eh.

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