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RUMOR MILL: More Radiohead Coming This Month?

By Staff on March 2, 2011


RUMOR MILL: More Radiohead Coming This Month?

Could Radiohead surprise us with another album, or expand upon The King of Limbs, sooner than we think? More than a few people have been speculating over the past week about this, and the folks over at have assembled quite an extensive list of theories and clues as to why they think it might be happening. Think of it like Doc Jensen's EW recaps of LOST, but with Radiohead.

Listeners have been speculating over clues ranging from curious tweets from shadowy figures (assumed to be connected to the band,) to hidden coding in the MP3s they sent people who ordered the album. It's quite the read, but well worth the time. Take two Advil and head over!

Some of the more interesting/insane points via

1. Is there a hidden message in this song "Separator"? The song contains the lyrics: "If you think this is over then you are wrong" This is repeated 4 times in the song.

2. Is "Separator" what separates part 1 and part 2? Remember this song was originally titled "Mouse, Dog, Bird". It does seem weird to change the name to Separator?

8. A twitter post from (Leo?). Who sent out the following tweet:

"Suppressing my disappointment that 'Present Tense' didn't make it to the new album.... yet." #thekingoflimbs #radiohead 10:26 AM Feb 18th via web

Who is this guy, and why might this matter you ask? He is one of only 5 people that Thom Yorke follows on twitter. See for yourself I think the keyword in the text from Leo is YET. Does he know something we don't know? One would think he at least knows Thom Yorke since Thom Follows him on Twitter, right?

9. From a user (name withheld) on AtEase (Radiohead fansite "I had a bit of a problem with my order last week, and one of the Operators said to me that next week everyone who ordered the digital-only copy would be contacted to see if they want to upgrade to the Newspaper version." "There may be more information available early in the week (other than just the music) that may change people's minds about the Newspaper version"

18. Here is a clue, that was given by (neonred) in the comments section: The album was originally set to come out on Feb 19th, but on Feb 18th, which is the exact date of the Full Moon phase (which Ed mentioned when it was made available for download, that it was a full moon!). What might happen on Feb 24th, which is the date for the half-moon phase? Or March 4th its the date of the No Moon phase (which  is also a Friday). There is another full-moon phase for March 19th. This album does seemed to be based around a heavy Nature theme already! See more on the lunar calendar here. And how about this, lyrics from Lotus Flower, "And all I want is the moon upon a stick". I think we are on to something with this!


Speculate at will, and read the full post over at

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