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SXSW (FILTER Exclusive): Royal Bangs Talk About SXSW in Q+A & Offer MP3

By Staff on March 14, 2011


SXSW (FILTER Exclusive): Royal Bangs Talk About SXSW in Q+A & Offer MP3

With this year's SXSW already in tow, everyone is preparing themselves for one of the most highly anticipated musical experiences of the season, FILTER decided to help you out with getting to know a nice bunch of artists that you'll not only be hearing about but praising by the end of the extravaganza in Austin. Last week, FILTER was able to catch up with Royal Bangs. They gave us a briefing on what's been on their minds with their album Flux Outside, to be released via Glassnote March 29th, and SXSW.

Stream and download "Grass Helmet", the latest single off of Royal Bangs' forth-coming album, Flux Outside.

  Grass Helmet by Glassnotemusic

Check out more Royal Bangs tour dates here.

With the release of your new album Flux Outside in tow, what have you all been up to besides touring in terms of preparation?
We've spent a lot of time fiddling with, repairing, and reprogramming our equipment for all of the new songs.  It will be exciting to play them live. The recordings are very detailed, but we have put a lot of work into making the technology flexible enough to be fair to the album and still be wild.

You’re all hitting up SXSW this year, which you attended last year. Any good stories? Nightmares? Dreams come true?
We played on a rooftop show at Cheers Shot Bar that we are playing again this year. The PA sounded great. The temperature encouraged drinking, but it was still comfortable. I think the stars + the shitfaced crowd cast a jamhex and it was a lot of fun.

What are some dos and don’ts when encountering the big trek south, particularly for SXSW?
Don't speed in Texas.  Austin is a decent place, but there ARE cowboys on the way and they WILL bust your ass. And stay hydrated.

The trip to Austin is almost like some type of pilgrimage for music and media.  Are there any particular sites and experiences you’re looking forward to seeing?
We're playing nine shows and all the line-ups are fantastic, so the shows will probably be the highlight of our trip.  I think that Rachael Ray is feeding us. That is what we are looking forward towards: free stuff.  Should be good; she is the Gordon Ramsay of celebrity chefs.

Let’s go back to Flux Outside. Was there a specific musical direction you all were going for with this release? What took part in the development process of it?
Nothing was deliberately planned for the music, but, in retrospect, the songs are looser and emphasize us as a trio.  The main thrust of the record seems to be Ryan's lyrics and the contributions of three individual musicians. We've been playing together for years and there is certainly a synthesis on this record.

Being from Knoxville, Tennessee, was there any local culture that influenced you?  Anything you thought was necessary to incorporate into your music and made sure to translate for listeners?
Being from Knoxville, Tennessee, or the south hasn't had any real influence on us.  In Knoxville there aren't that many places to go see the weird music we enjoy. The Pilot Light is the one venue in our town where you can see bizarre music any night of the week. That was our bread and butter when we started playing.  We had strange, eccentric musicians to look up to and a supportive place to play whatever we wanted. It was the best way to learn to do it our way.


For the readers and curious folk, where can we find you while at SXSW?

11:20 PM – Thrillist Party
@ Antone’s
203 W. 5th Street (@ Lavaca)

9:15 PM – w/ Two Door Cinema Club
@ La Zona Rosa
612 W. 4th Street (@ Rio Grande)

4:15 PM – The Windish Agency / Laneway Festival / Eat Your Own Ears / Austinist Present
@ Mohawk
912 Red River St. (@ E. 10th)

11:00 PM – Billboard Bungalow Official SXSW Showcase
@ Buffalo Billiards
201 E. 6th St. (Brazos/San Jacinto)

4:00PM – Waterloo Records Day Party
@ Waterloo Records
600A N. Lamar (@ W. 6th)

7:30PM – The Treehouse Diddly
@ Cheers Shot Bar
416 E. 6th St. (Trinity/Neches)

1:30PM – Rachael Ray's "Feedback" Day Party
@ Stubb’s
801 Red River St. (@ E. 8th)

11:00PM – The Windish Agency House for ND
@ 501 Studios
501 I-35 (5th/Brushy)

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