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Rilo Kiley Breaks Up

By Staff on July 13, 2011


Rilo Kiley Breaks Up

Sometimes all it takes is one band member getting fed up with things, needing a break. In the case of FILTER Magazine cover alumi Rilo Kiley, it happened to be guitarist and songwriter Blake Sennett. As Sennett told Spinner, "I was mad at music -- and it wasn't music's fault. It was our fault as bandmembers, or partners, or friends."

The band is done, and that does not mean temporarily. However, even though no more new music will be written, a plethora of old songs remain recorded and intact, and plan on seeing the light of day at some point in the future. So for all you diehard Rilo Kiley fans, feel sad, but not too sad. Sometimes it's for the best.

Sennett, meanwhile, has continued on with The Elected, who released their latest record Bury Me in My Rings on May 17.

In honor of the situation, we take you back to the hit track "Breakin' Up" off of Rilo Kiley's last album, Under the Backlight (Warner Bros., 2007).


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