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RECAP: Ryan Adams @ Berkeley Street Studio Hosted By KCRW

By Connie Tsang, Photos by Jeremiah Garcia on November 18, 2011


RECAP: Ryan Adams @ Berkeley Street Studio Hosted By KCRW

How often does one get invited to private events in Los Angeles?  Not often at all, if you’re me, so I jumped at the chance when that opportunity came up.  I mean, when KCRW offers you a pass to catch a private show featuring Ryan Adams you just don’t pass it up. 

Yes, of course, I’ve been a fan for years, even the material he claimed to be “the beautiful failure of his middle career” I am a fan of.  But enough people have been giving him shit for it to make me wonder… was he losing his chops?

The answer: not in the least.

You see, like his songs or not, Mr. Adams is a soulful performer.  You see and hear him feel what he’s singing and you feel it with him.  It’s mesmerizing, inspiring and, and, how can you not just love whatever he puts out for the public?  Maybe I’m biased.

I can describe how he played “Ashes & Fire” or how amazing it was that he chose “Like Yesterday” (one of my favorites) as the closer to his 5 song encore, but I’m starting to sound too much like a fan girl, so you can tune into KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on Friday, December 2 for the performance and his interview with Jason Bentley and learn all about the wonders of Black Metal (Ryan, can we chat about Cradle of Filth sometime?).

Ryan Adam’s Ashes & Fire is out now via PAX●AM

P.S. Per Mr. Adams, go get Ratt’s Infestation
P.P.S. Thank you, Mike O’Malley, for asking if I wanted a better view of the stage.


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