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Question The Answers: What Do You Say When You Meet An Idol? (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on April 29, 2011


Question The Answers: What Do You Say When You Meet An Idol? (FILTER Exclusive)

Joe Sib, co-founder of Sideonedummy Records, host of Complete Control Radio and currently performing his one-man show "California Calling" has teamed up with FILTER to deliver a weekly feature we have deemed, "Question The Answers." 

So what's the point of all of this? You, the reader, can ask Joe anything and he will answer your questions with his own brand of wisdom. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining, you can always depend on Joe to deliver the goods.

Summertime is quickly approaching and with that comes a slew of festivals and tours. That also means that the possibility of meeting your favorite band or an artist you may have idolized your whole life, is significantly higher. Sometimes these things happen without any warning and we figured that if anyone had some insight as to how to handle this situation, it would be Joe Sib.

We recommend you listen to Joe talk to get the full Sib experience, but if you are at work, or would rather read his words, look below.

Joe Sib On Meeting An Idol by timfilter

So you find yourself face to face with the person you most admire in the world? What do you do? What do you say? What can you say to this person of you worship that has not been said or asked before? You don’t want to say the same old thing that everyone says like, “I love you, I mean, I love your music, I love your lyrics, I love your hair, your pants your shoes… oh god I think I am passing out...can you help me.. I feel dizzy” Splat! 

Are you following me? Instead, why not talk about something that you and your person of admiration both worship.  Quick story, I am a RAMONES fanatic.  From the first time I saw them in “Rock and Roll High school” at age 12, I was hooked!  To me, everything about the Ramones was cool. From their leather jackets, to their haircuts, to Dee Dee shouting 1-2-3-4 before each song and the fact they were all brothers (yes I believed they were brothers! Come on, I was only 12 years old!) was everything I wanted in a band.  

Now, fast-forward to five years later and I find myself face to face with Johnny Ramone backstage after their show in my hometown of San Jose, California.  My ears were still ringing from the 90-minute audio assault the RAMONES had just put me through.  Still covered in sweat from the show, I snuck backstage and made my way over to Johnny Ramone in hopes of meeting him.

What would I say? At that very moment, I remembered Johnny was a huge baseball fan.  As he stood there signing some autographs for fans I shouted out “How you feel about the Yankees this year? Boston is looking pretty good!”  Johnny did a complete 180 right to me and hit back, “What do you think, kid?” and then he added with a laugh,  “I know your San Francisco Giants aren’t looking too good.”  Ouch!  That hurt! But, before I knew it I was in a full on conversation with Johnny Ramone about baseball both past and present that lasted over 20 minutes. 

As I walked out of the backstage area with autographs from all four Ramones (still have them to this day) I saw a group of fans being escorted in to meet The Ramones and heard one kid say to his friend, “I know what I am gonna ask them; are you guys really brothers?”   Guaranteed, their experience wasn’t like mine. That is it for me, until next week. - Joe Sib

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