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Question The Answers: Joe Sib’s Tips To Summer Festivals (FILTER Exclusive)

By Joe Sib on April 15, 2011


Question The Answers: Joe Sib’s Tips To Summer Festivals (FILTER Exclusive)

Joe Sib, co-founder of Sideonedummy Records, host of Complete Control Radio and currently performing his one man show "California Calling" has teamed up with FILTER to deliver a weekly feature we have deemed, "Question The Answers." 

So what's the point of all of this? You, the reader, can ask Joe anything and he will answer your questions with his own brand of wisdom. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining, you can always depend on Joe to deliver the goods.

For his first entry, Joe shares his tips and input on how to fully enjoy the summer festival season. We recommend you listen to Joe talk to get the full Sib experience, but if you are at work, or would rather read his words, look below.


Joe Sib On Summer Festivals by timfilter


Joe Sib here. Nice to meet you and hope this finds you well. Its festival season and it starts with Coachella this weekend in the Indio dessert.  It is on and you “are in it!” Sun, music, drugs and alcohol all in one place. Heaven or Hell? What to bring to a festival? Hmmmmm. Honestly, the real question is “How do I get backstage or into a VIP section?”  Somewhere that I can find shade, a water or better yet, wait in line for the “Honey Bucket” (aka “porta potty”) with someone from my one of your  favorite bands, talk about bonding, yes!
To get anywhere you want in the world of “Rock” whether its concert or a hall show at the local V.A. here is the secret my Dad taught me when I was 10 and wanted to go off on my own during the “guided” tour of the Winchester Mystery House in Northern California. “Wherever you want to be, just act like you are suppose to be there and 9 times out of 10 no one will ask any questions.” That means, just walk backstage or to security and act like you are “suppose” to be back there or even better, you are running late to get on stage. When they ask you for your pass or credentials, tell them you left them on the bus and you were just out in front, doing an interview at the press tent and “Man, I most have spaced on where I put my pass”. Be cool,kind and most importantly respectful and before you know it you will talking vintage vinyl with Jack White will sipping an ice cold beverage. Good luck!


Joe Sib

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