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Question The Answers: Joe Sib; Musician, Father, Movie Star? (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on May 6, 2011


Question The Answers: Joe Sib; Musician, Father, Movie Star? (FILTER Exclusive)

Joe Sib, co-founder of Sideonedummy Records, host of Complete Control Radio and currently performing his one-man show "California Calling" has teamed up with FILTER to deliver a weekly feature we have deemed, "Question The Answers."

So what's the point of all of this? You, the reader, can ask Joe anything and he will answer your questions with his own brand of wisdom. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining, you can always depend on Joe to deliver the goods.

Today's story comes in response to a fan question, "Was your (Joe Sib's) band WAX in the Pauly Shore movie, Bio-Dome?"
Of course there had to be a story there and we at FILTER thought that all you kiddies trying to get your band on the big screen could take some notes!

We recommend you listen to Joe talk to get the full Sib experience, but if you are at work, or would rather read his words, look below.

You can also see the clip from Bio-Dome with Joe Sib performing, below!

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Q: Was your band WAX in the Pauly Shore movie, Bio-Dome?

A: Wow, you are going back for me with this question. Let me see if my brain can even go back that far...Ok, I am getting images, I see faces, wait there it is... Yes, I was in the movie Bio-Dome with my band WAX.  The rest of you have probably never heard of WAX, right? Don’t worry, you probably have not.  But, I bet you have seen the Spike Jonze video with the guy running down the street on fire. That was WAX; that was my band.  Here is the story of how my band was in Bio-Dome.
WAX got a song on the radio in the mid 90’s called “California.”  The song started to connect in a big way and before we knew it we were on Sunset Boulevard with Spike Jonze lighting a dude on fire and having him run up and down the street. It was insane day that I won’t ever forget.  I mean, this guy was on fire all day!!  Between having our song on the radio and now the video in constant rotation on MTV things were happening for WAX.  In the middle of all this WAX went out on a sold out tour with BUSH (that is another story… next time.) 
While we were on the road we were asked to be a part of a Saturday Morning Cartoon Compilation. We choose Rem and Stimpy’s “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”  Why we did this is, I still do not know. The producer of this song was also a music supervisor for a lot of movies.  His gig is always to be looking for new bands and music to place in films. One day while we are in the studio the producer asked “Hey do you guys know who Pauly Shore is?”  We all did our best imitation of the “Wease” and screamed “Fuck ya, we know who Pauly Shore is.” The producer then added, “I am doing the music supervision on Pauly’s new film Bio-Dome and they need a band for it. I want you guys.”
One minute we are singing “Happy Happy, Joy Joy” and the next minute we are on a set at Universal Studio’s with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin.  It might not be the best movie; alright it is definitely not the best movie, but it was one of the funniest experiences in my life and every once in a while I still get a drunk dial from a friend saying “Sib, its 3AM and we are all watching Bio-Dome. Dude, are you in that movie?”

Thanx Joe Sib!

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