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Question The Answers: Is It Normal To HAVE To Perform Live? (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on May 20, 2011


Question The Answers: Is It Normal To HAVE To Perform Live? (FILTER Exclusive)

Joe Sib, co-founder of Sideonedummy Records, host of Complete Control Radio and currently performing his one-man show "California Calling" has teamed up with FILTER to deliver a weekly feature we have deemed, "Question The Answers."

So what's the point of all of this? You, the reader, can ask Joe anything and he will answer your questions with his own brand of wisdom. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining, you can always depend on Joe to deliver the goods.

Sib is no stranger to performing live. Between hosting his own radio show, performing as a one-man show and acting as front man for his punk band, WAX, Joe Sib seems to be most comfortable in the spotlight. But what happens when this lifestyle becomes an addiction?
Today we get that question from a reader.

Here is Joe's response to the question, "Is it normal to HAVE to play at least one "live" show a month?"

We recommend you listen to Joe talk to get the full Sib experience, but if you are at work, or would rather read his words, look below.

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Joe Sib On Performing Live
by timfilter

I LOVE being on stage with my band. If I don’t get the chance to play at least one “live” show a month, then I feel like I am going to explode. Is this normal?

Absolutely! For me, being on stage balances me out. Sounds weird, right? But after a good show I am completely fulfilled. In 5th grade, I talked an owner of a pizza parlor into letting me perform my magic show at his place on Friday nights. I know, magic? But it was the 70’s and people were into illusionists. From that first moment of standing on the sawdust sprinkled floor of that pizza parlor with the scent of pepperoni and sausage all around me, I knew I wanted to be in “show business.”

I love all the stuff that goes on leading up to the show. Like, the sound of the phone ringing in a club, because that means people are coming out. I love talking to the guys in the kitchen about what comedian or band just came through. I love hearing the words, “Ten minutes to doors!” Then there is that serge of anxiety and energy I get right before I go on. Before you know it, everything goes into auto pilot and there is no turning back. It is either sink or swim! Talk about an addiction, forget about it!

Joe Sib!

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