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Q&A: We Love

By Kendah El-Ali on November 5, 2010


Q&A: We Love

Set in the musically unlikely Tuscan hills of Florence, Italy, We Love is an even-less-expected electro act cloaked in white and shadow. Recently signed to Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control label, it’s easy to say that we’ve all seen a bunch of electro acts come and go. It’s equally as easy to say that Ms. Allien’s taste can, at times, be questionable. So how a duo has come out of oblivion to create arresting music—coupled with alarming visuals—that look and sound nothing like anything done before, is remarkable. We Love is Giorgia Angiuli, a musician, and Piero Fragola, a graphic designer. FILTER quickly caught up with the effervescent pair, thrilled to be a part of the BPitch family, in their studio via Skype and found just how many of their dreams recently have become true, not to mention how they were finally (and thankfully) found.

Florence isn’t known for its cutting-edge music scene. How did you guys come about such a unique sound and look?

Giorgia Angiuli: Though we live in Firenze, we both come from the south of Italy. The sound you hear in our record is very southern Italian. The music that is popular there, like tarantella and pizzica, is also joined with other sounds like reggae and house. We feel like we are more of a Cuba Libre-type sound. Like rum and Coca-Cola, we feel like a bridge between the past and future.

And how did you end up on a German label?

Angiuli: One night we had dinner with a friend of Ellen Allien called Elliott James Shaw, from Feel Bookings. He heard the songs and so we moved forward with “Hide Me,” “Escape Destination” and “Ice Lips.” Then we got an e-mail from Ellen a week later. It was a bit of a dream. She wanted to make a single together. We had a meeting in Berlin, and she instead decided to produce an entire album.

Where did you two meet?

Angiuli: We met at a festival in the south of Italy two years ago. I was a performer, and he was a DJ. We later joked around and thought it would be fun to play music. We just did it as a distraction, mainly. But now we can call Ellen Allien our boss!

What is the idea behind all the cool visuals?

Angiuli: Piero is a visual artist. It was a dream to create something multi-sensory for us. We wanted to make a space where people can listen to sound and experience video at the same time—kind of like a trip. We had special [outfits] made of white fabric, so the visuals reflect off our bodies.

Piero Fragola: We wanted to create something that is strong, and theatrical.

What do you do when you are not making music?

Angiuli: We are both so crazy, we make at least one new track a day. As you can see here [Piero flips on the lights], our space is a complete mess of music and instruments! We have upcoming gigs in London, Spain, Paris, Italy and the official videos for “Don’t Cross” and “Escape Destination” are about to be released. Ellen is remixing “Hide Me” and we also are having dinner with James tonight!     F


We Love’s eponymous debut album was released on BPitch Control September 13. Full tracklist is below:

Ice Lips

Don't Cross

Cruise Control

Hide Me

Even If


No Train No Plane

Our Shapes

Escape Destination

White March

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