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Q&A: Toro Y Moi Preps For Pacific Festival: OC

By Staff on August 3, 2011


Q&A: Toro Y Moi Preps For Pacific Festival: OC

Pacific Festival: OC is a measly ten days away, which means only a week and a half until we get to see all our favs: Snoop, Cut/Copy, Phantogram, Superhumanoids, Toro y Moi. Well, in this segment of our Q&A series, we talked to the last of these guys, and Chazwick (aka Toro y Moi) gives us his insights on how to make the most of Pacific Fest. It takes place on August 13th, which is a Saturday, so as you read the interview, listen to Toro's new song, a cover of the sort-of classic "Saturday Love."

Summer music festival season- it's a beautiful thing. What are you currently up to as far as touring, recording, projects and good ol’ living this summer?

Chazwick: im working on music right now, doing some stuff, nothing crazy. but we also just got done touring, we were on the road since february.

Tell us about one of your most memorable music festival experiences. Who was playing? Who/What were you holding? Where was it? Details please.

it was pretty cool and fun to do sxsw for the first time. it's like summer camp, but for us it was a lot of work. we got to see bone thugs.

Tell us who you are most excited to be playing alongside/to see at this year’s Pacific Festival festival?

im excited to see cut copy and fred falke. im sure that stuff is going to sound great loud.

Summer style – there’s lots of it in Southern California. What are some the styles you enjoy? Any essentials that we should consider?

short pants. consider a mojito.

Pacific Festival: OC starts at 10am. What pointers do you have to get people out there bright and early?

get really drunk and eat all the festival food you can, then come check out our set and dance REALLY hard.

To purchase tickets to this year's Pacific Festival: OC, please visit:

For more information on Toro y Moi, click here.

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