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Q&A: Tindersticks Talk About Special LA Performance & Band Plans (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on April 21, 2011


Q&A: Tindersticks Talk About Special LA Performance & Band Plans (FILTER Exclusive)

One of the most original and distinctive British rock bands of the 90s, Tindersticks, will be doing a special performance on April 30th at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angeles, CA, to celebrate their latest album and bring together their music and evocative images that inspired it.

The performance will be done in a cinematic seating style and was done in collaboration with French film director, Claire Denis. The multi-media experience will combine live music with projections from Denis.

You can get a copy of Tindersticks' latest effort, Falling Down A Mountain, Right Here.

We got to speak with Tindersticks about their new venture, their future plans and social networking. Check it out below!

After reading the interview, get your tickets for their April 30th Luckman performance Right Here.

Many bands write up tour blogs when they're on the road for while and keep in touch with followers and fans via social networks online; it really helps keep followers and fans updated in a pseudo-personal way. Seeing you have quite the cult following, how have you adapted to the evolution of social networking helped you keep in touch with the world at large?

I like a bit of mystery. I've never been interested in meeting my heroes or knowing what they eat for breakfast. It's very easy these days to have everything delivered to your lap from your laptop.
We do post information and "sell" ourselves over the internet, we have our web site. We have a forum we occasionally take part in. But if we were to spend our time keeping people aware of the mundane ins and outs of our lives, we'd never have the time to live those lives... or make music.

I would rather see the world than keep in touch with it.


Your release "The Claire Denis Film Scores" is a compilation of all the work and collaboration you've done with Claire Denis. How did this relationship and collaboration emerge? What was involved within the process of writing these works for the film and television pieces? Would you ever consider taking these works on the road, beyond the current stops?

Claire was making a film called 'Nanette et Boni' around the time of our second album. She'd used songs from that album during filming and was interested in Tindersticks being involved. We met and liked each other and it grew from there. at the time, our music was likened to an imaginary soundtrack, so actually making a soundtrack interested us. We usually begin at the beginning, with the script. The colours and mood of the music take shape there and grow with the rushes
Claire sends during filming. Sometimes we even visit the shoot. Because of this, and Claire's way of film making, the music develops like a character in the film. Adding another element, not just describing emotion or underlining action.

It's great to actually get the soundtracks into a live situation. It's a lot more involved than a regular show and asks for a specific environment. We're felding all sorts of offers at the minute and have some confirmed touring plans for the show later in the year.


Is there anything else in the works for Tindersticks? Any sweet treats for your followers? DVD release? A tour maybe?

We're in the middle of recording new songs. And next year is our 20th anniversary. So, with the film shows and box set, there's quite a lot happening


Lastly, as we head into the summer we have a slew of music festivals coming up. Are there any you're attending or playing at?

We did a few last year and would like to finish the recording in the summer. So, other than film related, probably not. I'm not really a festival kind of person. Festivals like Primavera in Barcelona are great. But standing in a (possibly) muddy field with a hundred thousand other people doesn't get me going.

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