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Q&A: The Postelles Talk St. Louis “Shit-storm”

By Samantha Barnes on July 27, 2010


Q&A: The Postelles Talk St. Louis “Shit-storm”

Friday night in St. Louis, Kings of Leon were forced to cut their performance at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre short after just three songs due to excessive pigeon shit. Yes, pigeon shit. More specifically, pigeon shit falling on each performing band. In a statement released by Kings of Leon, bassist Jared Followill commented, "We couldn't believe what The Postelles and The Stills looked like after their sets. We didn't want to cancel the show, so we went for it. We tried to play. It was ridiculous."

The Postelles have now released their own statement on the "shit-storm" this morning, and we caught up with bassist John Speyer to answer a few follow-up questions.

On a non-shitty note, New Yorkers can catch the band headlining Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night, while others can find them on upcoming dates with Interpol. Daytrotter has also just released a session with the band today, including a stripped-down version of new single, "White Night."

Official statement from The Postelles:
"It was truly an honor to open up for the Kings of Leon on Friday night in St. Louis. Unfortunately, it was a shit-storm for everyone involved. Amongst other things, a bird fell from the rafters and died while our drummer was setting up (services to be held next week), very fine clothing was ruined throughout the entire night (the laundry bill was rough!), and our equipment was completely covered with...well, you get the point. On a positive note, our bassist John developed some really excellent/awkward dance moves while trying to avoid the falling onslaught from the flock in the sky. We look forward to coming back to St. Louis - hopefully indoors this time."


When did you first suspect there might be a bird issue at the amphitheatre?

John Speyer: We knew there was something weird going on when a bird fell from the rafters and died right near Billy.

This has to be one of the strangest stories to hit the circuit, begging the question, is this the strangest thing to ever happen at a show of yours?

Yes. No question.

Living in New York, being shat upon can be a fairly common occurance. Has that ever happened to you before the St. Louis incident? Do you think living around NYC pigeons better prepared you for this show?

I think everybody who has ever lived in New York has been shat upon.  All of us included. I remember I was pretty upset when my favorite Yankee hat was a victim, but that same year they won the World Series. Connection?

Who got the brunt of the, uh, load while on-stage?

The shitstorm was definitely concentrated around my area. My bass amp took a serious beating. My real sympathy is for Billy who also had to deal with dying birds!
Do you believe it's good luck to get shat on?

Maybe in New York (see above on the Yankees). Definitely NOT in St. Louis.

If you had to choose one shit-based descriptor for the night, what would it be: shit show, shit storm, or shit parade?

I dig the shitty pun the most, I'll go with shit show.

Did you get shit-faced afterwards?

We definitely soothed our ruffled feathers with a few beers.

Now you're out touring with Interpol - have those guys said anything about the incident? Are you or they worried about a repeat performance from the birds?

I'm fairly certain this was an isolated incident, but it hasn't stopped us sneaking paranoid glances as the ceiling.  I've actually seen pigeons fly into indoor venues before so you never know.

If you had any advice for someone about to be shat on, what would that be?

Run. I've seen Hitchcock, you never know what these birds are capable of.

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