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Q&A: Santah Brings Us Into Their Musical Writing World (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on May 9, 2011


Q&A: Santah Brings Us Into Their Musical Writing World (FILTER Exclusive)

Last week, FILTER premiered a new tune from Chicago's Santah's forthcoming new album. Today, we wanted to get you more acquainted with the group of old friends.

After reading their interview below, make sure you pre-order their new album, White Noise Bed, Right Here which arrives June 7th via No Sleep Records.

You all met while studying at the University of Illinois. Did you meet in a class, meadow, or pile of snow? Tell us more.

Well, Stan and Vivian are brother and sister so they’ve know each other since childhood. Steve and Stan met in high school and played music together for a few years. Stan then met Otto through playing music around Champaign-Urbana and Otto introduced the rest of us to Tommy a few months later.

Your forthcoming release, White Noise Bed has some incredibly charming and feel-good tunes, making a listener envision themselves on a porch with a glass of lemonade on a nice sunny day. Where was it recorded? What's the play by play of the development for your work on this release?
We recorded the album at Pieholden Suite Sound in the Fall, which was the perfect environment for us to experiment. We felt at home because the studio was owned by the late Jay Bennett, who helped to write and define a lot of Wilco's music in the Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot eras, which is our favorite. The actual songwriting process began the summer before when Stan started writing a lot of the songs that appear on the record. Later, when the band got together in the fall to work on the record, we spent a few weeks experimenting with the songs, trying out different tones and things in the studio before we actually started recording. Throughout the process, we were treating the songs as being part of the greater whole of the album.

Do you usually find yourselves writing consistently, or do you specifically congregate and set times solely dedicated to songwriting?
When we were in school together it was easy to continually write music because we were playing together every day. Now, the band tends to schedule long weekends so we can really get in to the creative process. Stan is writing songs everyday on his own, but it’s a little bit harder now to get the band in the same room

After catching a glimpse of your acoustic sessions of "Teeth", "Neighbors & Cousins", and "When I Couldn't Move", it's safe to say the harmonies sync beautifully into the string arrangements. Having a pretty evident bond as friends and musicians, how do you translate that connection and artistry through your live performance?
We don’t think about it too hard. We just like to have a good time.
Summer time has now become music festival time. Will we be seeing you all on the road hitting up these festivals? Attending or performing? Or will you have a separate tour in the works?
We are all excited for music festival time, but it looks like we’ll be touring during some of the festival season. We’re going to be on the road for most of May and June and hopefully August. I don’t think we’re booked at any festivals yet


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