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Q&A: Phantogram Discusses Their Endless Summer of Festivals

By Staff on July 21, 2011


Q&A: Phantogram Discusses Their Endless Summer of Festivals

Pacific Festival continues to approach and our anticipation is still growing for all the great acts like Snoop Dogg, Ghostland Observatory, Cut/Copy, and Phantogram. The next installment of pre-festival interviews is with the last of these - the wonderful Phantogram. We got a chance to hear the inside scoop on the duo's festival history and plans to come as they prepare for Pacific Festival: OC. Check it out below, and also read up on our previous Q&As with Cut/Copy and The Twelves.

Summer music festival season- it's a beautiful thing. What are you currently up to as far as touring, recording, projects and good ol’ living this summer?

Phantogram: We just finished up mixing our EP that will be coming out this September. We are very excited to have some new tunes for our fans. We just headed back out on tour a couple of days ago and will be going all over the place all summer long.

Tell us about one of your most memorable music festival experiences. Who was playing? Who/What were you holding? Where was it? Details please.

Bonnarro- 2006 ish? Radiohead and Tom Petty headlined. Ate a lot of chocolate covered something or others and left the earth for the entire weekend.  Everyone was given little glow sticks during radiohead's set and 70,000 people were tossing them in the air at once. I think I saw Jesus.

Tell us who you are most excited to be playing alongside/to see at this year’s Pacific Festival festival?

Cut Copy and Ghostland Observatory for sure!!!

Summer style – there’s lots of it in Southern California. What are some the styles you enjoy? Any essentials that we should consider?

Starter Jackets and Oakley sunglasses or whatever Brett Michael's is wearing 

Pacific Festival: OC starts at 10am. What pointers do you have to get people out there bright and early? 

Brush your teeth and shower the night before. Set your alarm to Michael Jackson's - Off The Wall to get you amped for the day.

To purchase tickets to this year's Pacific Festival: OC, please visit:

Grab a copy of Phantogram's 2010 album, Eyelid Movies, right here.


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