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Q&A: Erika Spring Talks Life Outside Au Revoir Simone

By Gianna Hughes on June 19, 2012


Q&A: Erika Spring Talks Life Outside Au Revoir Simone

Summer is in full swing here in Los Angeles. The skies are blue, the weather is warm, and grassy knolls never looked so inviting. This is the perfect weather for Erika Spring’s new self-titled EP. The album, which will be released on July 10 via Cascine, is the ideal soundtrack for this season. Whether you’re in California or New York, this EP is warm and breezy, just as Spring intended it.

Spring, of Au Revoir Simone fame, has never released her solo work before. We spoke with her about taking this leap, as well as her anxieties about sharing her personal music, collaborating with others, and life in New York.

We also have her newest single, "Hidden," to download and stream below. It'll surely leave you anxious to hear more from her upcoming solo debut. 

How are you feeling about releasing your first solo EP? Excited? Nervous? Scared?
Erika Spring: I'm so happy to have the songs coming out. We keep getting amazing remixes from friends/new bands. Doing this project has turned me on to so much new music—more in the electronic/dance genre—and I'm so grateful.  

How do you think your work with Au Revoir Simone prepared you for your solo work? Why haven't you released any solo work before now?
Oh, I have always had songs lurking around that never made it on to the albums I made with Heather and Annie, so it was in the back of my mind that I would record some of them at some point. And yes, absolutely, making three very different albums and working with other artists has taught me so much about recording, my own taste, recognizing strong melodies, and mostly believing that I have something to offer and giving myself permission to write songs.  

How has it been working with Cascine so far?
Cascine is wonderful. I have always been drawn to labels who really curate their sound and build a family of like-minded artists. Cascine is definitely in that category and I LOVE their other bands. They also have a beautiful understated visual aesthetic that drew me in. They understand what my music looks like.  

How does living in New York influence the songs you write?
Well, in terms of stylistic influence, I am blessed in NY to be exposed to so many rad sounds. And the tide is always turning from one trend to the next, so it inspires a freedom in making music. No matter what you're doing you probably belong somewhere, in one scene or another. Lyrically, the songs are little stories of struggle and triumph and heartbreak and love. New York keeps us all on our toes and every emotion seems to be floating around in the air, probably because we all live practically on top of each other!  

Can you explain your writing process as a solo writer a bit? Is this as gratifying to you as writing with another person?
Making the original demos was super fun. I would get lost in the beats and keyboard sounds at my rehearsal space, turn the volumes of everything up really loud and put distortion on. It was therapeutic to get weird and not worry about what anyone else thought, but it did make me realize that the collaborative aspect of song writing and arranging is kind of the best part. I had a few different friends playing live with me and when it came time to record, my producer Jorge Elbrecht was my collaborator. It was a great gift to have his insight along the way.

What about the EP are you most anxious to share?
I'm really excited that we were able to capture a mood with these songs. I think the EP has a cool, relaxed summer vibe and I like thinking about people listening to it with the sun on their skin, a breeze through their hair.

Erika Spring tracklisting:
1. “Happy At Your Gate”

2. “Hidden”

3. “Like A Fire”

4. “When Tomorrow Comes”

5. “6 More Weeks”

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