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OBSESSIVE COMPULSIONS: FILTER’s Weekly Picks Featuring Jay Z & Beyonce, Ra Ra Riot, Longwave + More

By Staff on January 21, 2013


OBSESSIVE COMPULSIONS: FILTER’s Weekly Picks Featuring Jay Z & Beyonce, Ra Ra Riot, Longwave + More

FILTER likes music. There's no hiding it. We also like our own opinions a whole bunch, so once a week we give the masses a fleeting glimpse into our selective stereos and Internet browsers to let them see firsthand what fuels our endless devotion. We like to think of it as community service. We're selfless like that. So without further ado, here are the official, inarguable, objectively good FILTER Weekly Picks—providing everything from new LPs you should be spinning to the latest good-fer-you videos. Yeah, we're good at what we do:



Big Day Out Festival  -- Alan Sartirana


Gideon Grove - When You're Gone from Clubhill Media on Vimeo.


Gideon Grove -- "When You're Gone

Why: Rad parking lot session with Gideon Grove and Bobbie Allen. Got a chance to hang out with Bobbie this weekend, keep an eye on her. -- Evan Pierri



Buke & Gase - General Dome

Why: Buke and Gase (née Gass) are coming back on the 29th with another really amazing record. I wish there was a way to describe their sound, but it wouldn't do it any justice. It's streaming now on NPR, give it a listen. So, so good. And if you didn't hear their last album, 2010's Riposte, go listen as soon as you finish this one. -- Wes Martin



Cire Trudon candles

Why: I went to Paris last May, and this was my most indulgent gift to myself. I bought two - burned one right away, and am currently savoring the second one now. Delicious!! And even though you can find them at different retailers in the US, I'm missing Paris today. -- Monique Gilbert



Ra Ra Riot --  Beta Love

Why: The band's third full-length gets an official release this week, and I literally can not take "Angel, Please" off repeat. Stream and pre-order the album here! -- Samantha Barnes



Longwave -- The Strangest Things 

Why: This is actually a blast from the past. Can't believe this album is just about 10 years old! -- Mike Bell



FILTER Magazine Presents: Milo Turns 50

Why: Probably the best free Descendents covers comp of January 2013 that I have ever been involved with, so far. -- Pat McGuire



Beyonce and Jay Z at President Obama's Inauguration this morning

Why: I have never seen a better looking and better dressed pair in my life. The cold weather has not fazed them at all. They look classy and wonderful and perfect. Well done parents of Blue Ivy! -- Bailey Pennick

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