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OBSESSIVE COMPULSIONS: FILTER’s Weekly Picks Featuring “Girls,” Django Django And More

By Staff on January 14, 2013


OBSESSIVE COMPULSIONS: FILTER’s Weekly Picks Featuring “Girls,” Django Django And More

FILTER likes music. There's no hiding it. We also like our own opinions a whole bunch, so once a week we give the masses a fleeting glimpse into our selective stereos and Internet browsers to let them see firsthand what fuels our endless devotion. We like to think of it as community service. We're selfless like that. So without further ado, here are the official, inarguable, objectively good FILTER Weekly Picks—providing everything from new LPs you should be spinning to the latest good-fer-you videos. Yeah, we're good at what we do:



Jacco Gardner - "Clear The Air"

Why: There's a lot of good music coming from the Netherlands and Jacco Gardner should definitely be on your radar for 2013. -- Mike Bell



Vinnie Caruana - "Somehow The World Keeps Turning"

-- Evan Pierri


Girls (and the official thanking of Chad Lowe)

Why: Last night, the HBO show not only had its second season premiere, but was also honored with Golden Globes for Best Comedy TV Series and Best Comedy Actress for Lena Dunham (most certainly "a voice" of "a generation" if I've ever seen one). In all of her glory, Lena even remembered to thank Chad Lowe, which I think we can all agree makes her the best. Personal hero. -- Samantha Barnes



Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold

Why: Though it technically came out last year (and subsequently made my top ten list), this ridiculously good album from the Brooklyn via Texas outfit is getting a proper label release it deserves this week, thanks to Whats Your Rupture?. It's a must-listen. Check out this rad track, Stoned and Starving, def one of my faves. -- Wes Martin

Django Django's Self Titled Debut

-- Alan Sartirana

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