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OBSESSIVE COMPULSIONS: FILTER’s Weekly Picks Featuring Drake On SNL + More

By Staff on January 20, 2014


OBSESSIVE COMPULSIONS: FILTER’s Weekly Picks Featuring Drake On SNL + More


Drake Hosts SNL

Why: Do Right And Kill Everything. This could have been awful and I still would have loved every moment, however, there was no way it was going to be anything less that the best episode of the year. Drake brought back his Degrassi acting chops on Saturday night and did absolutely perfect impersonations of Weezy (as Urkel, no less—mind: blown) and Katt Williams, as well as sketches as Hot Dad and a fantastically shorts-sporting Disney employee. He came, he rapped, he LARPed, he conquered. BRB, gonna watch it again. Thanks, Drizzy.—Breanna Murphy


Peyton Manning

Why: Anybody who can dismantle Belichick the way he did and bring the man to humility is OK in my book. -- Pat McGuire



Beck -- "Blue Moon"

Why: Just released this morning! The first single of the forthcoming "Morning Phase." Super stoked. -- Wes Martin



Danny Brown!

Why: @xdannyxbrownx knows how to party. -- Alan Sartirana



Matthew McConaughey's Award Speeches

Why: Far too long we have looked over Mr. McConaughey as an award show staple. No, not because he's been great in anything before this last year, but because when he gets up and is allowed to say whatever he wants for a few precious minutes, television gold is created. This weekend Matthew won big at the SAG awards and got up to talk about space ships and Russia, but nothing beats his Golden Globes hijinx. Please hit repeat as often as you need a Monday pick up. -- Bailey Pennick

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