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By Staff on May 30, 2012



FILTER likes music. There's no hiding it. We also like our own opinions a whole bunch, so once a week we give the masses a fleeting glimpse into our selective stereos and Internet browsers to let them see firsthand what fuels our endless devotion. We like to think of it as community service. We're selfless like that. So without further ado, here are the official, inarguable, objectively good FILTER Weekly Picks—providing everything from new LPs you should be spinning to the latest good-fer-you videos. Yeah, we're good at what we do:

The Stanley Cup Finals (Game 1: Wednesday 5/30 @ 8pm ET on NBC)
Why: When it's Los Angeles versus New Jersey, we all know there is no real "winner" in this contest… but just because the good guys are out of the running (RIP, 2011-12 Rangers) doesn't mean you shouldn't watch. Hockey players are the greatest athletes in the world, and the Stanley Cup is unquestionably the most bad-ass trophy in sports. This is the ultimate showdown, and you can be sure the blood will hit the ice before it's finished. - Samantha Barnes

CCR - "Keep on Chooglin"
Why: Even if you aren't sure what "choogle" means, this track rips. - Pat McGuire

Yeasayer Tour Announcement
Why: The band's single "Henrietta" was just enough to get fans going until more from the band, but just yesterday ,Yeasayer announced tour dates! Get excited. - Andrea Narvaez

Sigur Ros - Valtari
Why: It is very good. That is all. - Alan Sartirana

Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Why: How to describe this place?  A giant playground for kids and grownups? Well, that points in the right direction but is grossly inadequate.
Rope swings, hammocks, canoes, teepees, a tree house (I've been there twice and slept in the tree house both times), four wheel ATVs, cook outs, archery, bonfires, a beach, etc.
I visited Camp Wandawega for the second time over this past Memorial Day Weekend (Chicago band Bare Mutants gave a live performance from the tree house - so amazing - check them out). Each time I've been with a large group of friends and made new ones - and words such as magical, special, amazing are being tossed around to describe this wonderful place.   The overwhelming sentiment of feeling super luck to be there is shared by everyone....   The owners of Camp Wandawega, Dave Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt, are the most generous hosts, welcoming large groups of guests with a perfectly curated space, stories about the history of the camp and the area, and their warm personalities.  The first thing my friends and I think of when we leave is when we can get back there again... - Monique Gilbert

Game of Thrones
Why: GAME OF THROOOOOOONES! This past episode not only gave us the battle scene we've been waiting for two years (budget issues...), but it gave us one of the greatest battle scenes in television HISTORY. This show has created a tradition of having jaw-dropping penultimate episodes, and I am counting the hours until Sunday night's season finale. No spoilers, but check out dope rendition of "The Rains of Castamere," performed hauntingly by The National over this episode's credits. GAME OF THROOOOOONES! - Wes Martin

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