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By Staff on May 15, 2012



FILTER likes music. There's no hiding it. We also like our own opinions a whole bunch, so once a week we give the masses a fleeting glimpse into our selective stereos and Internet browsers to let them see firsthand what fuels our endless devotion. We like to think of it as community service. We're selfless like that. So without further ado, here are the official, inarguable, objectively good FILTER Weekly Picks—providing everything from new LPs you should be spinning to the latest good-fer-you videos. Yeah, we're good at what we do:

Talking Heads - "Once In A Lifetime"
Why: Monday was David Byrne's 60th birthday so I'm picking "Once In A Lifetime" by Talking Heads. - Mike Bell

Father John Misty performs "Only Son of the Ladiesman" on Letterman
Why: Even for those of us who have loved J. Tillman's sad-acoustic-folk solo releases over the years, his newest, Fear Fun (under the moniker "Father John Misty"), is a welcome surprise in many ways. Take this captial-P Performance on Letterman last week. In Fleet Foxes, Tillman was the class clown in the back row to a large extent, but now he's come out of hiding from behind his drum kit, exulted by his pipes, storytelling and showmanship. A little bit of swagger and flirt (and, frankly, he's wearing the hell out of that suit) even had Dave blushing. - Breanna Murphy

Stonefly Inn
Why: Best fly-fishing in Montana - Alan Sartirana

Blood Orange - "Champagne Coast"
Why: A friend talked to me about blood orange earlier this year, and I never took the time to check it out.  Then I read a NY Times article about devonte hynes, blood orange and this video.  Why am I such a late player in this game?  He’s the coolest!  I’m obsessed. - Monique Gilbert


Talking Heads - "What A Day That Was"
Why: Happy 60th Birthday, David Byrne! There aren't enough superlatives for how awesome this dude is, but yall already knew that.
I suggest going home and throwing on Stop Making Sense tonight. Or maybe True Stories. Or maybe just put Speaking In Tongues on the turntable. Remember when he was on our cover? So totally awesome. - Wes Martin

Nick Waterhouse - "Is That Clear" on La Blogotheque
Why: Notable French take-away sessions found the soulful treks of Nick Waterhouse, and I can't stop tuning in. Caught a quick glimpse of the Innovative Leisure artist and his backing band (his Tarots) over at the Center of Arts in Eagle Rock where folks celebrated his record release. Here's to you, Sir Waterhouse! - Andrea Narvaez

River Phoenix interview/jam with Flea during filming of My Own Private Idaho
Why: In case you were wondering, My Own Private Idaho really holds up after all these years. Here is some brief but rad, rare footage of River Phoenix talking about his role, interviewing the real-life hustler his role was based on about his real-life experiences, and a quick bass-and-guitar jam with River and his Idaho co-star (and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee), Flea. - Pat McGuire

Wesley Jensen - "Building Houses"

Why: An old FILTER intern has done good. - Jose Vargas

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