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Now, Now Final Tour Blog: Almost Dying & Falafel Burgers! (FILTER Exclusive)

By Jess on March 24, 2011


Now, Now Final Tour Blog: Almost Dying & Falafel Burgers! (FILTER Exclusive)

Now, Now is a group of Midwest kids that have been honing their musical chops since their first EP’s release in 2007. Now these young whippersnappers are out touring to support their latest release, Neighbors. Read their tour blog below and see some exclusive photos from Mitchell Wojcik.

After getting to know this wonderful group, go pick up their album!

Here we are, already on another tour separate from the one we've been blogging about. Time moves so fast when you tour. It's probably because we never know what day it is. I honestly don't even know what day it is right now haha. We're in Texas preparing for our first trip to SXSW. Hellogoodbye tour already feels like it happened so long ago. Also we're extremely lucky to even be alive and on this new tour. And yes, I mean that our lives were threatened at one point. Let me tell ya all about it!

So last Brad wrote it was Valentine's Day. Cacie and I spent that entire day being sickies in our hotel room. Pretty much how we spent at least half that tour haha. Winter sucks. The next day, before the show in Cleveland, we went out to eat at a Mongolian barbeque. I accidentally took too much cough medicine before we left and ended up feeling pretty drunk. In a bad way. By the time we got to the restaurant everything was really dizzying and confusing. I had the hardest time even understanding how a Mongolian barbeque works. I ended up making the weirdest pasta dish ever. Pictured below is myself with my head on the table, trying to stop spinning haha. That night we met Jukebox the Ghost, who replaced You, Me and Everyone We Know midway through the tour. Those three are so nice and incredibly friendly. Ben and us passed the hours before doors opened making ridiculous faces at each other. We later got to walk around the area with a couple of our friends from Ohio.

After the show we drove straight to Mitch's parent's house in Michigan. His mom made us some veggie soup and gave us lots of Naked juice (which I am heavily addicted to, by the way.) The next day we played in Pontiac. Quite a few kids showed up to see us, and we met so many new and awesome people who listen to us. Our friend from Canada drove down to hang out, too. It was a really nice night.
Chicago is where we played next. You, Me and Everyone We Know joined the tour again for one more show, and it was really nice to see them again. Though I'm pretty sure one of their girlfriends vomited all over our dressing room. We had to play a really short set since there were five bands on the bill, but we had fun with what we had. I think it was one of the biggest shows of tour so it got pretty hectic.

At this point in the tour, our manager, Chase, parted ways and we continued on with us three and Mitch. And that night Mitch tagged along with Hellogoodbye to shoot some photos of them. So Cacie, Brad and I drove just outside the city to sleep over at Greta from Gold Motel's house. Or small mansion, I should say. Her home was awesomely out of control. There were multiple wonderful music rooms, and her basement was decorated like a 70s workout gym. It was amazing. Cacie and I slept in Greta's room from when she was in high school. There were butterflies on the walls. It was adorable. For breakfast good ol' Gret made us some soft-boiled eggs and then we left for Denver.
Something quite strange happened on the way to Denver, actually. We pulled over a gas station to gas up and Mitch saw some cool trees behind it and thought we should take some band photos there. While we were in these trees, I thought I saw a horse out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned to point it out to everyone the horse creepily hid behind a tree. After trying to convince everyone that there literally was a horse behind us, it finally crept out from behind the trees with a sunglass-ed man sitting atop its back. They then creepily walked sideways towards us until finally coming to a stop and asking us what we were doing. Turns out it was just some elderly man going for a stroll on his horse, Denim. He was humored to find that we were in a traveling band. He then asked us when we thought we would 'give up the dream.' What a nice thing to say to a band on tour! =[

Denver was beautiful. We stayed with a family friend in Boulder, Colorado and I think I've almost never seen a more beautiful place to live. The crowd at the show was great, too, and one of my friends drove up to come hang out. Before we played we got to walk down the street and see our new friends in Fake Problems play an acoustic set. We're going on tour with them next month, and meeting them made us so excited for it. Such nice dudes.
Salt Lake City, where we played next, was incredibly interesting to say the least. None of us had ever been before, so we were surprised to find that it sits in the middle of billions of snow capped mountains. They are also home to what we decided is the best falafel in the world. For like, six dollars we got these MASSIVE falafel burgers at a place called Oh, Falafel Etc. and practically died at how delicious it was. At the show I think I may have accidentally offended multiple Mormons. I had no idea that that much of the population there actually WAS Mormon. I thought maybe it was a stereotype or a myth or something. After feeling like a huge ass, we met our new friends Anni and Kathryn, who let us stay with them at their adorable home nearby. They had a gecko and some cats and dogs, so Cacie was pretty much in heaven the whole time. Can't wait to go back and see the whole family again.

Boise, Idaho was pretty much a ghost town. The show was even kind of eerie. It was one of the smaller shows of tour, and in between each song we played, the crowd was dead silent. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was really nice though, and we got to meet some people we'd been waiting to meet for quite a while. We slept over at Mitch's friend Mary's house that night. She had a horse and a few dogs and we got to watch a movie, something we'd all been dying to do since we left home. It feels so good to be able to just lay back and watch a movie after weeks of touring.
Next we had a long drive to Seattle. We stayed with our friend Alyssa there, who used to live in Minneapolis as well. She lived right down the street from where Ten Things I Hate About You was filmed! So rad. She made us this wonderful thing for breakfast, I'm not quite sure what it's called, but imagine if Chipotle had a breakfast burrito bowl. It was kind of like that. Meaning awesome. On our way to the next show we made a pit stop at the house that Kurt Cobain lived in when he died. It was so eerie driving up to the house, down long winding roads lined with old, ivy strewn trees. It was on the water. There was a park bench next door that was graffitied with love for Kurt, and flowers lay in memory of his birthday.
In Portland I got to see some family I hadn't seen in ten years. We went out to dinner before playing what was almost a horrible show, but actually ended on a particularly awesome note. The sound guy at the venue pretty much screwed everything up and just when we were about to sink into a sad mood, Eric from Gold Motel came out on stage and played guitar on Neighbors while I danced around and played bells. It was so cool, Eric was totally rocking out. Later that night I got to play guitar in 'We're on the Run' with Gold Motel, it was one of my favorite moments of tour.

The following day we had our own headlining show in Sacramento. I got to spend time with my mom who I hadn't seen in years, which automatically made the trip to the show entirely worthwhile, but the venue itself is a whole other story. We played at a pizza place called Luigi's that I definitely do not recommend in any way to any human ever. Not only did their pizza make us incredibly sick, but at the end of the night, the venue refused to pay us! We obviously love playing music more than anything and as long as we get to play to people it's a good show, but we drove nine hours to get there…and then the venue stiffed us! Not only did they stiff us, but they threatened to lock all of our gear in there because they were in a hurry to close the store and go home! Scum bags!! The band we played with was incredibly nice though, and we're so glad to have met them. They're called Creature Colony.
San Francisco was one of our favorite shows of tour. The venue, Slim's, was really nice and the crowd was great too. We'd never played in San Fran before, but hopefully we do more often. That area of California is so beautiful. That night we drove all the way to southern California and crashed for a few hours at Mitch's friend Tim's apartment. We didn't get there until the sun rose, and we sort of took up their entire living room, but it was good to catch up on some much needed sleep. Thanks again to Tim and his girlfriend, for letting us be such a nuisance.
We had one more headlining show in Upland, California at the Wire. The Wire is an incredibly adorable and clean venue that we would love to play at again. Everyone was so friendly, and we made a lots of new buds that night. Afterwards we drove to Forrest from Hellogoodbye's house in Long Beach. His home is so pretty and tastefully decorated, and his two dogs are completely adorable. We didn't roll up until well after midnight, when all of Hellogoodbye and Gold Motel was already sleeping, but in the morning we got to see everyone for a bit before the last show.
The last show was at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Though this show was so sad at the end when we had to say goodbye to everyone, it was a definite fave. The Anaheim crowd was nuts, and made the show great. During Hellogoodbye's set it rained balloons and confetti. At the end we hugged everyone a million times and then left for the grueling drive home.

And when I say grueling, I really mean GRUELING. It's a 36 hour drive from LA to Minneapolis normally. Which already sucks. But we made the mistake of driving through the Rocky Mountains... And we will never make that mistake again, my friends. And we highly advise you to avoid those terrifying mountains at all costs.
So there we were, on the top/edge of Battle Mountain in standstill traffic at night during a snowstorm, after already driving nonstop for 24 hours (literally 24 hours) when all of a sudden a SEMI SLAMS INTO US AND IS SLOWLY PUSHING US TOWARD THE EDGE OF THE MOUNTAIN. No big deal, we're just sliding toward a black abyss punctuated only by the tippy tops of pine trees rooted far below, when thankfully the sliding stops maybe four feet from the guard rail. I think we were all ready to puke everywhere with fear. The semi driver, who seemed to think he was exempt from the tire chain law, crabbily scuttled over to our van and, without even asking if we were okay, started going off about "GREAT, just what I need right now!" ....Dude.... You just almost killed us.... Anyway, though our van driver side door will never have a functioning window or close the same again, and though there is a five foot long dent that extends all the way down one side, the van is still driveable and we are all alive and well. Just terrified of mountains is all.

After THAT fiasco, we stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot for four hours to rest up. Woke up again at 4am and drove until that night, when we finally made it to home sweet home in Minnesota. I don't think anything has ever felt better than falling into our own beds after that drive from hell. The next day we had a birthday party for Cacie, full of family and delicious food. We were only home for about two and a half days before leaving again for the tour we're on now. We're having a good time but are still missing home a lot. Our time there was so short lived. But I suppose it's something we'll have to get used to. Tour lyfe.

Hope to see you all at the shows this year, and thanks for reading.

Love 4 evr,
Jess and Now, Now.

Check out some more exclusive photos of Now, Now on the road below courtesy of Mitchell Wojcik.

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