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Monogold Give Us Some Inside Gems in Q+A (FILTER Exclusive)

By Staff on March 29, 2011


Monogold Give Us Some Inside Gems in Q+A (FILTER Exclusive)

New York's Monogold have just returned from tour including stops at this year's SXSW Festival. With their latest album, The Softest Glow, in tow, the band teamed up with FILTER to answer a few questions about how the band came to be, their SXSW experience and other little inside ditties. Read below!

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How did Monogold come together as a band?  Creatively, does it ever get tough with the lineup changes the band has had?

Monogold started with Jared and myself at Purchase college in NY. After moving to Brooklyn and a couple of lineup changes and band names, we started writing the "We Animals" EP. Mike who was already a long time friend joined around this time and kind of solidified our sound and us as a 3 piece.

Creatively it works so well as a three piece. The sound is very sparse at times and very full at others. Its much easier to add and subtract this way.

How was your 2011 SXSW experience?

This last SXSW was amazing! We played with so many great bands such as our friends from Brooklyn "And you will know us by the trail of dead", and "Tiny Victories". It was really fun  playing to so many people who never heard of us and the responses were great.

Who are some of the band’s musical influences?

We have a pretty wide range of influences, some obvious and some not so apparent, from The Talking Heads, to The Shadows etc.

It's kind of impossible to be an artist in NY and not be influenced by your surroundings. As far as the NY music there's such a wide array of styles. Our sound might be heightened by the use of constant senses living in NY, but a lot of the ideas and lyrics have nothing to do with living in the city. We have a really great balance by having our own studio upstate so it lends a good point of perspective. Recording The Softest Glow, we were up there for months over the summer and fall and that environment was a huge influence, especially lyrically. It’s always nice to hear crickets one day and then the sound of a subway overhead the next..

Thanks so much! - Keith

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