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LOOK: Ty Segall Re-Releases “Reverse Shark Attack” With Mikal Cronin and “The Traditional Fools”

By Staff; thumbnail courtesy Ty Segall on December 12, 2012


LOOK: Ty Segall Re-Releases “Reverse Shark Attack” With Mikal Cronin and “The Traditional Fools”

Ty Segall just can't seem to slow his roll. This past year alone, the prince of lo-fi has managed to put out three full-lengths albums—Hair, with White Fence, Slaughterhouse, recorded with the Ty Segall Band, and a solo album, Twins—and the hits keep coming, only these jams are from seasons past. The Traditional Fools, Ty's one-album-wonder band, is re-releasing their 2008 self-titled album of the same name. Back in the day, the first copies sold out quick and were never replenished. But now, their sun-warped brand of garage-jam-surf-punk will once again be set loose on the public, satisfying the beach rat in all of us. You'll get sunburned just listening to these guys.

But Ty's endless summer doesn't stop there. He and Mikal Cronin, a known singer-songwriter in his own right (and member of the Ty Segall Band), plan to re-release their psychedelic blitzkrieg that is 2009's Reverse Shark Attack. Both trippy and manic, Reverse Shark Attack adds a new shade to the everchanging Segall palate thanks to the effervescent Mikal Cronin. The video for "I Wear Black" (posted below) is perhaps the perfect visualization for how these songs feel as they bounce around your head. Let these tunes transport you to that sun-shiny time of year—just running around with your friends, shotgunning cans of Mountain Dew, and getting the shit beaten out of you by the local gang of Wiffle-bat-wielding skaters. You know...just a typical summer day here in Los Angeles.

Get a taste of So-Cal summer with the "I Wear Black" video down below, along with the tracklists for In The Red's reissues of The Traditional Fools and Reverse Shark Attack, both out January 22.

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - I Wear Black from Claire Marie Vogel on Vimeo.

Reverse Shark Attack tracklisting

1. I Wear Black  
2. Drop Dead Baby 
3. High School 
4. Ramona 
5. Doctor Doctor 
6. Bikini Babes 
7. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk 
8. Reverse Shark Attack  



The Traditional Fools tracklisting

1. Davey Crockett 
2. Snot Rag 
3. T.L. Defender 
4. Please
5. Layback!!! 
6. Get Off My Back 
7. Shredstick
8. Kill Someone You Hate 
9. Valley (Of The Jams) 
10. Party At My House 
11. Milkman
12. All-Right

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