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LOOK: The World’s (Not) Going To End. Here’s Your FILTER Apocalypse Playlist!

By Staff on December 21, 2012


LOOK: The World’s (Not) Going To End. Here’s Your FILTER Apocalypse Playlist!

Alright planet Earth, let's get real, do you really think that you are going to sputter, stall and die tomorrow? We don't think so either.


But if you did, we here at FILTER magazine would love to give you a great mix to go out on! We have compiled the songs that "best describe the impending doom of humanity and the planet in general" and put them into one easy-to-use, awesome-to-listen-to Spotify playlist.


Certain songs were no brainers, but others took a lot of thought and effort, so we have also included the reasoning behind some of the musical highlights below the playlist. Take a listen and enjoy the last moments of this glorious world that we live in through song. That's how we want to go!



Godspeed You! Black Emperor – "East Hastings"

Why: There's a reason Danny Boyle used this song to soundtrack 28 Days Later's unforgettably iconic moment: when we're introduced to London as a ghost town, ravaged by plague and death and destruction. "Easting Hastings," named after one of the roughest sections of Vancouver, is not only powerful and sad, it wages war violently on itself before dying out with a haunting whimper. GY!BE's music is a funeral march for humanity.—Breanna Murphy


Metallica - "The Four Horsemen"

Why: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. One of the best tracks for Metallica's debut album. It's a seven minute rocker that can't be ignored. -- Wes Martin


Andrew W.K. -- "Long Live the Party"

Why: In a very endearing way, Andrew W.K. exemplifies the end of the world for me. And this jam would be the perfect thing to drown out any lingering anxieties you might have as we near the apocalyptic abyss. -- Sarah Chavey


Langley Schools Music Project - "Space Oddity"

Why: If the Apocalypse is indeed coming, I plan to escape it by floating into space while being serenaded by a children's choir performing David Bowie songs. I imagine zombies tapping on my windows, trying to get in, and then just spontaneously combusting as I continually and peacefully bob and float further into space. -- Monique Gilbert


Bob Dylan -- "It's All Over Now Baby Blue"

Why: Bob may have been speaking to the apocalyptic end of a love affair in this Dylan classic, but when taken literally (umm, "The sky, too, is folding under you") this is the perfect tune to lull us into the end of the world in style. -- Jacklyn Arding


Elvis Costello & The Attractions -- "Man Out Of Time"


Why: There's something so bittersweet and perfect about co-opting this song of love and loss by Costello and using it to describe the crazy, mixed up love affair that the human race has had with the planet. Will you still love a man(kind) out of time? -- Bailey Pennick

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