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LOOK: Top 5 Moments from TEDActive Conference, Day 1

By Elise Hennigan; featured photo by James Duncan Davidson on February 27, 2013


LOOK: Top 5 Moments from TEDActive Conference, Day 1


This week, over 700 leaders, thinkers and doers from 70 countries have congregated in the Southern California desert for the feel-good, idea sharing bonanza known as TEDActive.


TEDActive is the younger, funkier, more spontaneous (just say yes!) version of the concurrent big TED Conference in Long Beach. Participants lounge on beanbags and cluster in groups to watch a simulcast of the TED Conference on any one of the ubiquitous big screens on-site. While the big ideas over in Long Beach are being dissected over 100 miles away, the TEDActive crew collectively chews them over around firepits and over craft beers at night.


In the land of TEDActive, everyone has an idea for a start-up, the passion to take ideas and run with them, and the community support to dream big. This could be the most optimistic and activated group of people ever assembled.


While the conference may give newbies the uncanny feeling of showing up to a weeklong-adult-summer-camp where you don’t quite know the words to the songs, if you are willing to give it a go, you’ll be surprised at the encouragement that comes back to you.


In no particular order, here are the Top 5 moments from DAY 1 of TEDActive from Tuesday February 27:


2013 TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra at TED2013. Photo: James Duncan Davidson


1. Dr. Sugata Mitra wins TED’s annual one million dollar prize and describes his innovative vision of the future of learning. Hint: students teach themselves.

2. Bono both references his Jesus complex and takes a jab at The Rolling Stones in his talk about eliminating extreme poverty.


3. Keller Rinaudo presents Romo, an interactive robot that uses your smartphone as its brain. Not only is it adorable, but at $150 it is a totally affordable (if slightly whimsical) consumer product. Coming up with a way to rationalize why you need an iPhone robot in your home--sold separately.


4. Giant Squid footage. Edith Wilder discusses the innovations that allowed her 3-person team to creep up on and then record the first-ever video footage of the mythical Giant Squid. Best part of the talk: behind-the-scenes video footage of the ORCA team during the moment when they see the squid for the first time.


Pedrito Martinez. Photo: Marla Aufmuth


5. Pedrito Martinez Group. Pedrito Martinez funkifies the big Ted stage in Long Beach with his Afro-Cuban Rumba beats and later gets the dance party going at the TEDActive after-party in the desert. Good stuff.

Stay tuned for more from TEDActive, including Peter Gabriel, dolphin researchers, undercover journalists and FILTER's exclusive Q&A with TED talker Amanda Palmer...

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