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LOOK: Jimmy Cliff Performs At LA’s New Sonos Studio

By Staff on May 10, 2012


LOOK: Jimmy Cliff Performs At LA’s New Sonos Studio

Los Angeles’s La Brea Art and Design District plays host to dozens of art galleries, restaurants, clothing and furniture stores. The street can be visually stimulating to say the least, but it’s been neglecting one of our other senses until now. The Sonos Studio has set up shop here to cater to your ears rather than your eyes and stomach. 

A sonically fine-tuned listening gallery, the Sonos Studio is dedicated to the best possible listener experience. It features seven-degree canted gallery walls, and strategically placed pyramidal sound-dispersing foam tiles that are laid in a red and black pattern that looks somewhat like if Space Invader did the Sistine Chapel. Although sound is the primary focus, it would be unfair not to mention the Coffee Commissary gourmet coffee bar, art installations, and skateboard “lending library” courtesy of Natas Kaupas. By day, it functions as a community space for anyone to come in and enjoy. By night, it’s a public event space that will feature listening parties and performances including Questlove and Bleached this weekend.

Before opening to the public this Saturday, the studio opened its doors for a handful of lucky guests to come and enjoy an evening of music and conversation with Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. He talked about his new record REBIRTH and played a few tracks for the lucky guests. Tracks ranged from brand new originals like “One More,” to a cover from REBIRTH’s producer Tim Armstrong’s band Rancid’s “Ruby Soho”. Jimmy told stories of meeting Jimmy Hendrix for the first time, his time in the studio with Tim, and how he first heard Rancid courtesy of his friend Joe Strummer. 

It goes without saying that the performance was intimate, and the man sounded great. Jimmy still has the same soul and power in his voice that he had back in the '60s. Jimmy was able to get a crowd full of L.A.’s industry folk, publicists, and press to sing a long during “One More”. This, along with the fact that the room fell silent for his closing song “World Upside Down,” is a credit to the energy that Jimmy brings to a space whether it be as big as the main stage at Coachella or as small as last night's.

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