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LOOK: Foals Announces New Full-Length, ‘Holy Fire,’ Out February 12

By Staff; Thumbnail courtesy of Steve Gullick on November 5, 2012


LOOK: Foals Announces New Full-Length, ‘Holy Fire,’ Out February 12

After Foals' second LP dropped—Total Life Forever— back in 2010, we've been itching for another full-length rock record from this inventive quintet from Oxford. Obviously, we're quite greedy, because the limited edition cassette just wasn't enough.

Now we are finally able to get our full-length Foals fix on February 12, via the release of Holy Fire (Warner Bros Records). The band will announce U.S. tour dates later on, but for now, enjoy new tune, "Inhaler," and its jaw-dropping, heart-pounding video below. 

With this track, it is evident that Foals has perfected their quirky, experimental indie sound, which now feels even heavier and more rock 'n' roll than ever. The video adds to the intensity with its addition of graffiti, sparks, flames, and involuntary yet completely coordinated dancing. This song will wake you up on this bland Monday and truly ignite your soul. 

To get you even more pumped for Holy Fire, check out the music video for throwback track, "Cassius," off the five-piece's unforgettable debut LP, Antidotes


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