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LOOK: FIDLAR Was Our “Draw A Bandmate” Guinea Pig

By Staff on December 26, 2013


LOOK: FIDLAR Was Our “Draw A Bandmate” Guinea Pig


One of the best things about running a music magazine is that every day we have our favorite artists and bands coming through our doors. While getting to chat with these musically inclined individuals is great, we like to make our friends play games with us--the results are sometimes hilarious and always entertaining.


Lo and behold, our brand new "Draw A Bandmate" series is born! This is a series for anyone who ever wanted to know two things: 1. If the members of your favorite band could draw, and, 2. Could the members of your favorite band draw each other?


We couldn't think of a better group to kick off this personal pictionary than LA's own FIDLAR. Should the dudes trade in their guitars for easels? You decide!


First up: Max's take on Brandon


We bet Brandon was thinking "Sup Dude..." when we took this photo.



Next: Elvis' sketch of his brother Max


We're pretty sure Max's claws are sharper in Elvis' mind.



Last, but certainly not least: Brandon's sweet drawing of Elvis


We're really impressed by Brandon's talent and Elvis' ability to perfectly pose.



Stay tuned for more "Draw A Bandmate" sketches in the future!

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