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LOOK: Early Summer in Manhattan w/ Gap and SZA

By Staff, photos by Ray Lego on May 29, 2014


LOOK: Early Summer in Manhattan w/ Gap and SZA

Yet another set in our series with Gap! The gist? We hang out with some of our favorite artists during an ordinary (or, in some cases, extraordinary) day and feature their styles. 


Today we're thrilled to be featuring gorgeous and talented R & B artist Solana Rowe (SZA).


Here's SZA's viusally-stunning video for her beautiful track "Babylon," seeing the artist strip away all her personal belongings and disappearing beneath the water in an act of....well, we'll leave that interpretation up to you.


Shot in Manhattan by Ray Lego, SZA rocks a casual and classic pair of Gap's 1969 sexy boyfriend denim shorts. The songstress, whose debut EP dropped this past April, topped off the look with her own Team USA jersey—a perfect urban-chic look for navigating the streets of the city in the early summer sunshine. 


Stay tuned to Gap's to see other artists we'll be collaborating with in the months ahead, including previous artists Priscilla Ahn and RAC.


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