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LOOK: Dr. Martens Launches Their #StandForSomething Summer/Spring ‘14 Campaign

By Staff on February 5, 2014


LOOK: Dr. Martens Launches Their #StandForSomething Summer/Spring ‘14 Campaign


Sometimes shoes are more than just an accessory, they can be an expression of an individual's character. We have long stood behind the visions of the legendary UK boot brand, Dr. Martens and we're excited to see them launch their #StandForSomething Spring/Summer '14 campaign!


So drawing inspiration from some of these people, ask yourself: "What do you stand for?"


The campaign features 19 different people--each with their own unique style that represents what matters to them. The only common thread is the pride of wearing Dr. Martens boots and shoes as their symbol of empowerment to stand for something.


The brand is giving everyone a chance to be a part of the story and show what they stand for. You can share your style and show what you stand for to be a part of a collective inspiring visual and for a chance to win a free pair!

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