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LOOK: Casual and Comfy at Home w/ Gap and SZA

By Staff; photos by Ray Lego on July 24, 2014


LOOK: Casual and Comfy at Home w/ Gap and SZA

Another set in our series. Here’s the gist: we get together with Gap and hang out with some of our favorite artists during an ordinary (or, in some cases, extraordinary) day and feature their styles. Sounds good, right?

Last week, we hung out with lovely R & B singer Solana Rowe (SZA), and followed her around her New Jersey home. The songstress, who’s already hooked us with her Pitchfork Festival style, looked totally lax in a pair of loose, 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans and her own, worn-to-perfection, soft tee. Ray Lego’s photos really captured SZA’s lay-low look, perfect for these summer days.


SZA's music, too, is a great fit for any season. Tracks, like "Child’s Play," from her latest rwcord, Z, are full of low-key, fluttery tones. SZA’s genre may be familiar, but her music is entirely innovative, dripping with sensual coos, deep beats, and onomatopoeias so satisfying to the ear.



Be sure to keep up with Gap’s series and for more looks, check out our collaborations with RAC and Priscilla Ahn.


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