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LOOK: Bright Eyes Reissues via Saddle Creek Records

By Staff on January 26, 2012


LOOK: Bright Eyes Reissues via Saddle Creek Records

Connor Oberst fans are raging this fine Thursday. Today, Saddle Creek Records announced the release of Bright Eyes reissues starting March 8 with Bright Eyes' 1998 debut release, A Collection of Songs Written. Other reissues to be expected are Recorded 1995-1997 and the 2001 split EP with Son, Ambulance, Oh Holy Fools - The Music of Son, Ambulance and Bright Eyes.

Releasing on April 3, Saddle Creek will also be reissuing 1998's Letting Off the Happiness, on top of 1999's Every Day and Every Night EP. The last batch of reissue will be released on May 1, of 2000's classic Fevers and Mirrors, as well as 2002's There Is No Beginning to the Story EP.

Keep an eye out for the records and stay updated with all things on Bright Eyes Reissues, Here.

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