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LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Yo La Tengo Takes Over Paris At Le Bataclan (3/18/13)

By Ross Belfer on March 27, 2013


LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Yo La Tengo Takes Over Paris At Le Bataclan (3/18/13)

Yo La Tengo


Le Bataclan

Paris, France

March 18, 2013




Yo La Tengo is like a perfectly aged wine. On a recent visit to Paris, I finally witnessed the seminal indie rock group in concert after several attempts (and failures) to do so in the tri-state area. As a New Jersey native, I felt a particular connection to the group as it graced the stage with a perfect balance of acidity, sweet flavor and soft undertones while offering two distinct sets: one being completely acoustic and the other a full-on rock onslaught. 


By the end of the set and following stand-out tracks "Autumn Sweater" and "The Summer," I stood amazed, pondering how I could be thousands of miles away from home yet feel like I had never left at all.









Gates: Looking through the gates on a random street corner




Arches: Arches near the Louvre


Louvre rainbow: A rainbow appears outside the Louvre


Sky light: An all-natural sky light


Daily cuisine: A healthy diet of cappuccinos and croissants will get you through the day.


Yo La Tengo at Le Bataclan. Located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Le Bataclan was built in 1864 by French architect Charles Duval.


Le Marais: Wall-poetry on a random street in Le Marais district


Yo La Tengo Frontman Ira Kaplan


Yo La Tengo multi-instrumentalist Georgia Hubley

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