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LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Wilco at Cobb (Atlanta, GA), 9/28/11

By Adam Valeiras on October 26, 2011


LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Wilco at Cobb (Atlanta, GA), 9/28/11

At this point, it really shouldn't be surprising when Wilco receives a critically positive show review - which is exactly what this is.

The concert, taking place inside Atlanta's beautiful and lavish Cobb Energy Performing Arts Theatre, began at a punctual eight o'clock with a quaint, yet impressive solo-show by old-timer, Nick Lowe. His stunningly youthful voice and guitar skills created an atmosphere for Wilco that introduced the show as a mature spectacle, meant to be appreciated and listened to - a feeling further enhanced by the rows and balconies of elegant, and quite comfortable, seats. No standing room whatsoever.

Wilco began the show with "Art of Almost" and "I Might," the first two tracks off their new album, The Whole Love. Each of these performances ensured the crowd that, despite many of the abstract sounds on songs like the aforementioned new album's opener, Wilco can still capture the exact feeling of each song as they were performed when first recorded, no matter how old their respective albums may be. That's the most amazing thing about a Wilco show. The Whole Love is the band's eighth full-length album, and yet when they play a live show, the songs off of Yankee, Ghost, and Sky Blue Sky sound just like they did when first released. And they played plenty of those tracks, making sure not to let down their long-term fans.

The encore, an impressive and satisfying eight songs, wrapped up the evening. It was in this second set that brought about the classics like "Jesus, etc." and "I'm the Man Who Loves You," but it was actually the song right before the band left the stage for the first time that hit home the hardest. Off their new album, "One Sunday Morning" was beautifully reconstructed and introduced the new band dynamics, with Nels Cline's soloing becoming more and more an integrated part of each song - rather than a highlighted, center-stage performance. The Whole Love just came out and it's hard to not already be excited to hear what this band will write next.


Purchase The Whole Love via iTunes.

Check out the rest of the show's pics in the gallery below.


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