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LIVE: Night Beds Pour Their Soul At The Echo (2/21/13)

By Alejandra Gomez, Photos By Quinn Tivey on February 25, 2013


LIVE: Night Beds Pour Their Soul At The Echo (2/21/13)


Night Beds
The Echo
Los Angeles, California
February 21, 2013


Though they don't have much experience under their belt, Night Beds captivated the audience when they took The Echo stage last Thursday night. While it was their first show in Los Angeles and the audience was uncertain what to expect, the band's raw talent, charm and Winston Yellen's hypnotizing voice far out-weighed the tentative moments and put all of our minds at ease.


The lights dimmed and only a green glow appeared against the backdrop of the stage as the spotlight focused on Yellen; he took the stage with Country Sleep's a cappella opener "Faithful Heights." The whole crowd fell silent and listened intently at this quiet number as Yellen's haunting voice filled the small venue. He closed his eyes the entire time, but watching his furrowing brows as he poured his soul into the microphone was just enough to bring us all into his world.


There was no hesitation from the group to get right into the more cheery “Ramona." The crowd livened up and knew all the words, dancing along with the beats and guitars. The band then set the mood for the next slow swaying song with a beautifully emotional performance of "22," but the most captivating part early on in the set was their single, "Even If We Try." The song lingered long after it finished and remained one of the best performances of the night.



The rest of the set was comprised of various songs from the album and older material, including the gorgeous and melodic "Lost Springs." What really made this a truly enjoyable set though was how engaging they were with the audience and with themselves. At times it almost felt like we were invited into their band practice where there was no hesitation in just making jokes with each other. They had fun amongst themselves with their interchanging jokes ("[Indians] are cool. We're lame." "We're just a bunch of dads." "Dads with no kids…they divorced us...") and heartfelt enthusiasm of the songs. They were there to have fun and that mood was infectious.


They played a Mac DeMarco of "My Kind of Woman," where he takes a moment to crouch at the end of the stage and sing directly to one lucky audience member. This was then followed with the best performance of the night: "Was I For You?/Unbelievers." Yellen introduces the song by saying, "If you drunk dial anyone after this show, this one's for you." The slow strumming of the guitar quietens the room and then Yellen fills the room with a slow "ooh" before diving right into the heartfelt lyrics of the song. The performance was driven with emotion ready to make any person cry while watching.


Finally they closed with "Cherry Blossoms/Head For The Hills" where they really just put every bit of energy they had into send the audience off right. Toward the end of the song, Yellen pulled himself away from the microphone and strums hard on his guitar until he falls to his knees, plays a last note and then collapses onto the floor, in a way that only a heartfelt and emotional performance could manage. F



Night Beds set list


Faithful Heights
Even If We Try
Lost Springs
Silver Springs/You Were Afraid
Hide From It
Night Beds
My Kind Of Woman (Mac DeMarco cover)
Was I For You?/Unbelievers
Cherry Blossoms/Head For The Hills



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