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LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Band of Skulls Tear It Up At Belasco Theatre (3/18/14)

By Angelica Corona on March 21, 2014


LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Band of Skulls Tear It Up At Belasco Theatre (3/18/14)

Band of Skulls
Belasco Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
March 18, 2014


Southampton natives Band of Skulls are no more than three on stage, but while they may be small in number, they are huge in sound. The Brit rockers took over the ornate Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on March 18th.

After a slew of SXSW performances and in anticipation of their upcoming album Himalayan, out later this month the show could not have come at a better time. After a true rock-and-roll, gritty opening performance from LA locals, Deap Vally the crowd was already breaking a sweat, shoulder to shoulder, holding onto empty cups, refusing to go back to the bar for fear of losing a standing spot.

When the trio did take the stage, the only thing that could be heard over the cheering was the overwhelming percussion. I’m talking the kind of power that makes the ice in your melting cup jump and the floor vibrate from the stage to the merch table, outside. Band of Skulls pulled from their previous two records, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, Sweet Sour, but the real treat was hearing the new material from Himalayan live. Closing out the pre-encore set with a new track, “Nightmares,” the audience was far from ready to leave and weren’t silenced until the band re-joined the stage with “Sweet Sour.”


Himalayan being Band of Skulls' third full-length record, the UK natives are no amateurs--and their performance reflects their years of experience. Each member was well in sync with each other, never skipping a beat and keeping much appreciated light banter with the crowd. With only a week left until their album release, one can only hope that they’re inspired to continue their touring cycle and come back to Los Angeles soon. F

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