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LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Adam Green & Binki Shapiro Are Photogenic Beyond Belief At The Bootleg (01/29/13)

By Cynthia Orgel; Photos by Quinn Tivey on January 31, 2013


LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Adam Green & Binki Shapiro Are Photogenic Beyond Belief At The Bootleg (01/29/13)


Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
The Bootleg Theater
Los Angeles, California
January 29, 2013


A strange thing happened last night at The Bootleg Theater. Much stranger than the fact that I was offered the honor of smelling Adam Green’s armpit, post-show (I did).


What occurred was actually a concept I was familiar with previously, but only through word wizardry of J.K. Rowling: photographs that move, exhibiting the real life energy of those individuals captured on camera. However, last night, I witnessed this marvel first-hand, when Adam Green and Binki Shapiro headlined The Bootleg’s packed warehouse to fans of varying ages and heights (the latter category was seemingly significant to Green, who announced to the audience at the beginning of the set, “I’m just sizing you guys up by your heights to see how good you are”). 


Over these last few months, laid-back yet absolutely stunning press photos of Green and Shapiro have been featured all over the internet. In these pictures, the duo isn’t surrounded by serene landscapes or crazy patterns and colors; they are smartly and comfortably dressed, in front of a black backdrop or white wall, and gently resting either a hand or chin on the other’s shoulder. The Bootleg Theater’s stripped down atmosphere suited the pair perfectly, as they performed an enchanting and unforgettable set—on the day of their eponymous debut LP’s release—presented by Amoeba and Rollo & Grady.



Half of Green and Shapiro’s set consisted of all 10 tracks on Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, beginning with Shapiro’s heart-wrenching hit, “If You Want Me To,” then moving directly into the following track on the album, “Pleasantries,” a duet accompanied by synth that sounds like a couple of coy butterflies playing hide-and-seek with each other.

Just To Make Me Feel Good,” one of the main singles off the record, was a track that the band appeared to enjoy just as much as the audience; the floorboards shook every time Boesel energetically kicked the bass drum, and Shapiro was completely in her element, as she swayed, tapped a tambourine across her wrist, and repeatedly belted out the poignant line, “ask me things with no warning.” It’s no surprise that shortly afterwards, a girl in the crowd yelled to Shapiro, “you’re really great!” causing Shapiro to humbly respond, “thank you, whoever said that.” 


Other highlights of the night included solo Adam Green material performed by the entire band (yes, including “Dance With Me”!), turquoise and royal blue stage lights setting the dramatic tone of epic album closer, “Nighttime Stopped Bleeding,” Shapiro’s compelling comebacks in “Don’t Ask For More,” and additional jokes by Green in between songs, such as “we come up with a lot of words. ‘Sinvisible’—have you heard of that?” A guy in the audience yells, “No! What’s that?” Green delivers the punchline: “Sinvisible, they were the first band. You missed them” (the actual opener, La Sera, dexterously performed an array of lo-fi love songs from both her self-titled album and 2012’s Sees The Light). 


For me, though, the most memorable moment of the night came after the encore, which was a spirited performance of “Gemstones,” the eclectic title track off Green’s 2005 album. It was at this exact moment that Green was pictured gently placing his arm across Shapiro’s back, as the two close friends smiled and escorted each other off stage. It’s not often that press photos come to life, but when they do, it really is the best encore of them all. F


Adam Green & Binki Shapiro setlist:

01. If You Want Me To
02. Pleasantries
03. Pity Love
04. Just To Make Me Feel Good
05. Casanova
06. I Never Found Out
07. Buddy Bradley (Minor Love)
08. Cigarette Burns Forever (Minor Love)
09. You Blacken My Stay (Minor Love)
10. Here I Am
11. Don’t Ask For More
12. What’s The Reward
13. Nighttime Stopped Bleeding
14. Dance With Me (Garfield)
15. Collage (Fall EP)


16. Getting Led (Sixes & Sevens)
17. Gemstones (Gemstones


Click here for more photos by Quinn Tivey.

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