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Jack White’s Third Man Records Unveils New Vinyl Concept

By Staff on September 14, 2010


Jack White’s Third Man Records Unveils New Vinyl Concept

I’m pretty sure anybody who reads FILTER or anything FILTER related has heard of the Dead Weather and know that Jack White is the mastermind behind the band and their record label, Third Man Records.

Today, Third Man Records announced a new single for the Dead Weather's track, "Blue Blood Blues." The single is being released as a 7" with the B-side holding "Jawbreaker live", a 12" vinyl with the B-side having "No Hassle Night" and "I Just Want to Make Love to You (live)." The kicker about the release is that the vinyl will be released in a new form that White is calling "the Triple Decker Record".

The 12" single of "Blue Blood Blues" will have the 7" record of an unreleased Dead Weather song INSIDE of the 12". There will only be 300 of these rarities available starting September 17.

You can go to the Third Man Website for more info on this "Triple Decker Record"

Check out the video below for a better description of what were dealing with here. 

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