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INTRODUCING: The Free Keys, Tehran Rock At It’s Finest

By Staff on April 27, 2012


INTRODUCING: The Free Keys, Tehran Rock At It’s Finest

You can't say you know of many bands from Tehran. But you can add one to your list. The Free Keys, a progressive rock band, formed in Tehran in 2007 and features Pooya Hosseini (vocals, rhythm guitar), Arash Faraamand (drums), and AK (bass).

Tehran is not like the U.S. in terms of music. Back in summer of 2007, Free Keys performed with their friends in The Yellow Dog for a few strictly forbidden underground shows. These two bands still remain as one of the few bands to get away with such an illegal thing—something they did right under their government's nose.

Free Keys released their first EP in 2008, and was made available (and free) via their Myspace page. That same year, they had planned a U.K. tour, but the Iranian Military Service laws prevented them from leaving their country. Naturally, this drove the band to hiatus.

In 2011, The Free Keys were finally able to leave Iran and moved to Brooklyn where they are finally able to perform legally.

Get a bit more familiar via the video below!

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