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IN YOUR TOWN: The Young Evils Take Us On A Tour Around Seattle

By Staff on August 2, 2012


IN YOUR TOWN: The Young Evils Take Us On A Tour Around Seattle

At some point or another, you will most likely find yourself in a new town, city, state, even country with no idea where to go or what to do to waste time. Well have no fear, FILTER is here to help.

In Your Town turns the FILTER website into a virtual "what's what" guide to specific places around the world, but rather than us telling you what you should check out, we enlist the help of artists from those specific area. We might have the best taco spot in Tokyo, the best place to get your hair braided in Ontario, the cleanest toilet in London. There are no rules. The only thing we can promise is that these guides are for the true travelers.

Got a place in mind? Let us know and we will get an artist to cover it.

This contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from The Young Evils. The band gives you the scoop on their hometown of Seattle, WA like where to buy records, the best bar for where to find a community environment, and most importantly, the more delicious Pho in the city.

Band Name: The Young Evils
Where: Seattle, WA

Porchlight Coffee & Records (1515 14th Ave.)

Why: When Porchlight opened down the street from my boyfriend's apartment it was a quaint little coffee shop run by a really nice dude, Zack Bolotin. Two years later it’s still that but also a full-functioning record label and vinyl retailer to boot. Zack's got great taste and is a perfect example of how Seattle can embrace a cool, small business and watch it transform into something really special.

Saint John's Bar & Eatery (719 E. Pike)
Why: A slightly biased selection to be sure, but definitely the place I spend most of my time outside music. We opened up in February of this year and have everything I require of a public house; stiff drinks, great people, food and music. I've been accused of spending too much time here but it’s a labor of love and a family affair; we all work hard here and like our playtime when it comes around.

Undisclosed Dark Alley
Why: Troy used to frequent a dark alley in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle until one night he was violently attacked by a cardboard cut-out of Lana Del Rey. He cannot speak of this incident without curling up in a corner and crying.

Laundry Room Studio
 (South Park Seattle)

Why: We also frequent the space we're currently practicing at, Laundry Room Studio, which is owned by Barrett Jones (who recorded The Young Evils 2010 debut Enchanted Chapel). Sometimes Lola the dog gives Eric tips on killer drum fills.

Easy Street Records (4559 California Ave. SW)
Why: Easy Street Records is arguably the best record store in the Pacific Northwest, or in Troy's opinion, the best in the country. With two locations (one in West Seattle and one in the Queen Anne neighborhood) they have a gigantic selection of new and used vinyl and CDs, as well as monthly in-store performances by bands from all over the world. The Young Evils will be performing there for the release of their new EP on July 10th.

Corner Pocket (4302 Alaska Street)
Why: Our standby shitty underground West Seattle bar. Known amongst us as the ye' old CP. I swear they will never fully be able to remove the stale smell of cigarette smoke from the carpets. It may be the cheap drinks or perhaps it's the fact that it reminds us of a bar you'd find in Troy and Cody's hometown of Mitchell, South Dakota, but we just keep coming back.

Than Brothers (7714 Aurora Ave.)
Why: This is Troy’s absolute favorite place for Pho, which he claims to be a sure fire hangover cure. “I find it best when I'm sick with a cold or flu (topped with extra Sriracha of course), plus they give you cream puffs the second you hit the table! Bonus.”

Glazer's Camera (420 8th Ave.)
Why: Cody and Troy shoot all their own videos for The Young Evils. What better place to get their gear than from the largest camera store and rentals department in the Northwest? It’s the best.

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