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IN YOUR TOWN: Eternal Summers Show Us A Night Out In Roanoke

By Staff on September 14, 2012


IN YOUR TOWN: Eternal Summers Show Us A Night Out In Roanoke

At some point or another, you will most likely find yourself in a new town, city, state, even country with no idea where to go or what to do to waste time. Well have no fear, FILTER is here to help.

In Your Town turns the FILTER website into a virtual "what's what" guide to specific places around the world, but rather than us telling you what you should check out, we enlist the help of artists from those specific area. We might have the best taco spot in Tokyo, the best place to get your hair braided in Ontario, the cleanest toilet in London, there are no rules. The only thing we can promise is that these guides are for the true travelers.

Got a place in mind? Let us know and we will get an artist to cover it.

This week's contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from Eternal Summers. These guys give you the scoop on Roanoke, Virginia like where to get some pizza, where to find a DIY venue/record store if you're passing through town, and a studio where all the city's bands record.

Band Name: Eternal Summers
City: Roanoke, VA

In Roanoke where things are slower and a bit simpler, we like the finer things in life. Ice cream, beer, pizza, local record stores. Here there's no cool factor and people just do what they do. It's a small place where people still use flip phones and can walk into a minute market with no shirt on. Here are some places we frequent in the Grandin area of Roanoke, Virginia. "It's a small town"  should sum it all up. 

Cups (1402 Grandin Road SW, #102)
Why: Here's a local coffee joint called Cups. It's pretty simple really. You go in, order a medium iced coffee, get on you computer to check stocks and get super jacked up off your free refill. When you see how bad the stocks are you pull out your flip phone and get pissed. Here at Cups they just started to sell liqueur shots in your coffee. That's dangerous, as one friend of mine stated. 

Community Inn (1304 Grandin Road SW)
Why: Once you get all jacket up it's time to stroll to the local bar and hang with your buddy Sean Poff of The Missionaries. This is a small bar with two pool tables and sweet bartenders. There's wood paneling on the inside and when you walk in everyone turns around to stare at you. I love coming here and hanging with friends and blacking out on too many Redbulls and Vodkas. They have a nice little assortment of beers and have a real "Cheers" vibe without the whole Sam and Norm thing. 

Sardines Pizza (1820 Memorial Ave. SW)
Why: Once you come down from the coffee buzz and your beer buzz is getting hungry you can wander down to Sardines Pizza. They have nice little pizzas here and a nice selection of beers. On Thursday they have 2-for-1 pizza deals and that's right up my alley because I have a pizza problem. It's a tiny little square of a place and perfect for chatting it up with your good friends. They have a great pizza called the Antigua with truffle oil and roasted garlic. BINGO!

Pop's Ice Cream (1916 Memorial Ave.)
Why: This is a sweet little place that has the best milkshakes in town, and I'd say Virginia. It's totally a '50s vibe and they spin records on the weekends. They make crazy grilled cheese sandwiches and it comes with popcorn and little smiley tater tots. Every time I go by this place it's packed!  

The Co-Op (1319 Grandin Road)
Why: Here's where we shop for our premium quality organic produce. It's farmed locally. We stop here every time we go on tour and stock up on Kombucha, coconut water, nuts and quinoa. They have a deli that has some great items as well. The Raw Deal salad is one of my favorites. I also get my vitamins here too. I jumped into the tomatoes right after I took this photo. Nicole was egging me on. ALRIGHT!    

The Bazaar (675 Brandon Ave. SW)
Why: This is a real special place for people in Roanoke. This is run by Jamie Booker who has worked at record stores for a while. Around here they all closed down and Jamie took it upon herself to create what is a hub for traveling bands and local bands to play, shop and sell their records. It's a very small joint. It has it's own feel for sure. If you want to play an all ages show in a D.I.Y setting then you do it here. We don't play the bar scene in Roanoke because, well, because it's a different breed in there. We aren't Creed or Nickle-Staind. Anyway. The Bazaar is awesome and very special to Roanoke. It hold like 45 people and you can buy records, clothes and books there. Awesome!

The Space (30 Campbell Ave. SW)
Why: This place is super important to us. There's a beautiful view of the mountains and you can see the sun setting in the west as you peer out from the loading dock. There used to be a lot more people in here but a lot left to venture into new territories. So now there's just a few bands that use this giant space. We've been here for three or so years. At one time it was weird. I once chased some white trash druggie up this hill because he just walked in to the opposite space, stole a friend's guitar and ran. I was shirtless with short cut-offs on and sweating from playing the drums. I yelled "what the F*%^ are you doing, mother F(*%^er?"  He stopped and we yelled in the street for a second. I didn't know if I was gonna have to fight this weird druggie guy or what. I think since I looked like a total freak and stood my ground he handed me the guitar back. He was obviously scared and a newbie thief. It was weird. Anyways, that was years ago. 

We've recorded all our albums here, even our new album, "Correct Behavior".  So many good Roanoke bands have recorded in this place. The Situationist, The Bastards of Fate, The Sad Cobras, SUNKING!, The Young Sinclairs, Super Vacations, White Laces,  The Missionaries and good buddies Bleeding Rainbow too. It's a real special place. It means a lot to us. There's even a groundhog that hangs out named Mikey. He's kinda shy.


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