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IN YOUR TOWN: Dana Falconberry Tours Us Around Austin, Texas

By Staff on September 27, 2012


IN YOUR TOWN: Dana Falconberry Tours Us Around Austin, Texas

At some point or another, you will most likely find yourself in a new town, city, state, or even country with no idea where to go or what to do to waste time. Well have no fear, FILTER is here to help.

In Your Town turns the FILTER website into a virtual "what's what" guide to specific places around the world, but rather than us telling you what you should check out, we enlist the help of artists from those specific area. We might have the best taco spot in Tokyo, the best place to get your hair braided in Ontario, the cleanest toilet in London, there are no rules. The only thing we can promise is that these guides are for the true travelers.

Got a place in mind? Let us know and we will get an artist to cover it.

This week's contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from Dana Falconberry. She give you the scoop on Austin, Texas like where to see the best local shows, where to find the loveliest vintage threads, and where to run into the ghost of Frida Kahlo.

Photo by Alicia Vega

Band Name: Dana Falconberry
City: Austin, TX

Charm School Vintage (2109 East Cesar Chavez Street)
Why: My good good friend Shari Gerstenberger owns this gem of a vintage store in East Austin. It's full of gorgeous ladies and clothes and shoes and jewelry. It is magic. We throw a SXSW party here every year that is off the hook.

Cheer Up Charlie's (1104 E 6th Street)
Why: This is a wonderful venue on East 6th street. It is surrounded by awesome food carts and there are always great bands playing on the outside stage. Everyone is always happy here, it's great. Also they have kombucha on tap if you're into that crap.

The Church House (1161 Nickols Avenue)
Why: I recorded my record here and had a magical mystical time. It is an old church that has been converted into a beautiful studio and it's totally haunted by the ghost of Frida Kahlo.

The Mohawk (912 Red River Street)
Why: Of course. They have some of the best shows and they're one of the best venues to play in town.

The Greenbelt (3755-B South Capital of Texas Highway)
Why: The Greenbelt is one of the best things about Austin when it's full of water. It's a great respite from the heat and the city, and it's accessible in most areas by just a short hike.

Good Danny's (1210 East 3rd Street)
Why: Another awesome studio here in town. Danny Reisch is a super dude and his studio is full of fun toys like vibes and tiny pianos and stuff. I've done a lot of recording here. This picture is from when we recently recorded our Daytrotter session.

Alamo Drafthouse (320 East 6th Street)
Why: Eating, drinking and watching movies at the same time is probably the best thing in the world. They also have lots of fun activities, like a Mystery Science Theater-like live comedy screening, and Princess Bride quote-alongs.

Annie Street Arts Collective (811 A West Annie Street)

Why: These kids are the best. They put on shows in their wonderland of a backyard and in other secret locations. I used to rent a room here for a bit and there were always about 75 art projects going on at once.

The Lady Palace
Why: My current home with three beautiful ladies, a couch, two dogs, x-files, wine, and non-stop dinner parties. Heaven.

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