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IN YOUR TOWN: Conveyor Shows Us Their Version Of Greenpoint, Brooklyn

By Staff on August 16, 2012


IN YOUR TOWN: Conveyor Shows Us Their Version Of Greenpoint, Brooklyn

At some point or another, you will most likely find yourself in a new town, city, state, even country with no idea where to go or what to do to waste time. Well have no fear, FILTER is here to help.

In Your Town turns the FILTER website into a virtual "what's what" guide to specific places around the world, but rather than us telling you what you should check out, we enlist the help of artists from those specific area. We might have the best taco spot in Tokyo, the best place to get your hair braided in Ontario, the cleanest toilet in London, there are no rules. The only thing we can promise is that these guides are for the true travelers.

Got a place in mind? Let us know and we will get an artist to cover it.

This week's contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from Conveyor. These guys give you the scoop on Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York like where to get the best free pizza with your beer, where to get the tastiest coffee with your WiFi, and where to see the best view of the greatest city in the world.

Band Name: Conveyor
City: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Lulu’s (113 Franklin St.)
Why: Thought we would start by introducing one of our go-to bars in Greenpoint. Lulu’s is fairly well known around here for offering a free personal pizza with every drink. The catch (or lack-there-of) is that this is not some frozen pie thawed to order, but a handmade treat that stands up to the best slices in the area.

Brooklyn Label (180 Franklin St.)
Why: We didn’t have Internet access when we first moved here so we quickly became regulars at this coffee shop/restaurant. But we don’t come back regularly just for WiFi, Brooklyn Label is a lovely place to sit and have a quality cup of coffee. I would guess about 75 percent of the staff are musicians too, so for us at least, that really helps the feeling of community here. And the veggie burger is perfect.

Greenpoint Pier (India st. and the East River)
Why: The new East River Ferry (serving Brooklyn and a bit of Manhattan) built out a pier in Greenpoint at the end of India Street last summer. Might be one of the best locations in Brooklyn for city views as you can see the majority of midtown directly in front of you and to the south is the Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridges.

Permanent Records (181 Franklin St.)
Why: This is our local record store, and who doesn’t like supporting local businesses? They have a consistently great selection in addition to occasional in-store performances.

Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St.)
Why: Diamond is a great spot to grab a beer. It is a very unique space with a full size shuffleboard setup inside and horseshoes out back on the glorious patio. More than that though, it is a super chill place with good people.

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