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IN YOUR TOWN: 1,2,3 Shows Us What To Do In Pittsburgh

By Staff on February 2, 2012


IN YOUR TOWN: 1,2,3 Shows Us What To Do In Pittsburgh

At some point or another, you will most likely find yourself in a new town, city, state, even country with no idea where to go or what to do to waste time. Well have no fear, FILTER is here to help.

In Your Town turns the FILTER website into a virtual "what's what" guide to specific places around the world, but rather than us telling you what you should check out, we enlist the help of artists from those specific area. We might have the best taco spot in Tokyo, the best place to get your hair braided in Ontario, the cleanest toilet in London, there are no rules. The only thing we can promise is that these guides are for the true travelers.

Got a place in mind? Let us know and we will get an artist to cover it.

Our first contribution to the In Your Town feature comes from Nic Snyder and Josh Sickels of French Kiss Records artist, 1,2,3. These guys give you the scoop on Pittsburgh, PA like where to get some pizza, the best bar for cheap drinks and most importantly, a kick-ass water park.


Nic's Picks:

Jerry's Records (2136 Murray Avenue  Pittsburgh, PA 15217)
Why: It's by far the biggest used record store in Pittsburgh. It's as cheap as any vinyl collector could possibly ask for. It comes equipt with listening stations in case a particular mystery band's artwork strikes your fancy. And the beer-sweat smelling old heads who work there are more enthusiastic than they are dicks. Some say Millvale's Attic Record Store is better, but that remains to be proven.


(3117 Brereton Street  Pittsburgh, PA 15219)

Why: Everyone's favorite dive. Cheap ass drinks, the best jukebox in Pittsburgh, and the atmosphere is beautifully dark and dinged up. Last time I was there the Black Lips were a couple rounds deep into a ping-pong tournament.

The Castle (???)
Why: It's one of Pittsburgh's only after hour bars. Basically every overly drunk sceney and seedy person in the Bloomfield/Lawrenceville area looking to keep it going past 2 a.m. will be there until the door guy, Buttercup, kicks them out. Only thing is, it's location is a secret and even if you do track it down, you gotta know someone to get in.

Josh's Picks:

Mineo's Pizza House 2128 Murray Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Why: Best pizza in Pittsburgh. Best pizza anywhere, really. OK, Di Fara's in Brooklyn is great too, but Mineo's is a different breed. It's not thick or thin crust, and the amount of cheese they put on the pizza is very egregious. It's greasy as hell, but quite amazing, and the crust is unlike most pizza around, its mostly a cornmeal crust, and is kinda chewy like bread. Definitely a Pittsburgh must.

Mount Washington Lookout
100 Grandview Ave. Pittsburgh, PA

Why: The best view of the city. Pittsburgh has some pretty remarkable architecture, as well as the most bridges in the world, giving us the nickname "The City of Bridges." 446, to be exact. We have two rivers that run on opposite sides of the city that form into a point, to make the "three rivers." Just an overall great look, and something I always show out of towners when they visit.

Sandcastle Water Park 1000 Sandcastle Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15120
Why: Pittsburgh's premier water park. Pittsburgh's only water park, actually. On the subject of Pittsburgh "amusement" parks in general, most would say Kennywood here, America's oldest, but since I'm a water park enthusiast, I gotta go with Sandcastle. It's located directly on the Monongahela River, amidst a background of green hills and industrial wasteland. Quite the view. Try the Blue Tubalooba. Awesome enclosed slide that gets pitch black for about ten seconds while flying up and down walls at a 90 degree angle. Gnarly.

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