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IN BRIEF: The Week The Chelsea Clintons Became Our New Favorite Band

By Staff on April 26, 2013


IN BRIEF: The Week The Chelsea Clintons Became Our New Favorite Band

We have to admit, the setup behind this Kimmel prank is a little dubious. And, getting real meta, that the joke really seems to be on the audience, who don't realize Two Door Cinema Club is a real band. Still, worth the watch. See ya guys at the Chelsea Clintons show next week. [via Jezebel]


Speaking of Coachella, still a bummer that Daft Punk did not surprise the pants off us all, but—hey!—there's always next year. Daft Punk Coachella 2014!!! In the meantime, educate yourself on the history of the robots while we wait—"patiently"—for a tour. [via Flavorpill]

Other ways to break your heart: Kim Gordon speaks about her and Thurston's separation. Sads. [via Elle]

Let's just get all the sads out of the way. LA's Gibson Ampitheatre is closing after hosting countless icons for over 40 years. What's going in its place? Hogwarts. CONFLICTING EMOTIONS, YOU GUYS. [via the LA Times]

To cheer you up: here's Tilda Swinton at Ebert Fest leading the audience in a Barry White dance-along. You're welcome! [via Jezebel]


So Iceage sold knives (and their hair), Sigur Rós has candles, but seriously... Leave it to Ghost B.C. to out-weird weird merch. [via The AV Club]

Lastly, many crowns of love to Win Butler and Régine Chassagne on the birth of their first child, a son. Mazel Tov! [via Spinner RIP :(]


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