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10 Years of FILTER: Issue #1 Revisited, Getting To Know Bright Eyes, Doves + More (July, 2002)

By Staff on January 10, 2012


10 Years of FILTER: Issue #1 Revisited, Getting To Know Bright Eyes, Doves + More (July, 2002)

2012 marks FILTER Magazine‘s tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue 1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue 50.

Getting To Know is a section in the magazine that serves as a good gauge for our predictions of greatness. In FILTER Issue #1, July 2002, we introduced Doves, Balligomingo, Bright Eyes, South and Breakestra. Here is a brief look at those artists, then and now.

Getting To Know Recap

ISSUE 1:  July 2002

Band: Doves
Where They Were Then: Just released their second album, The Last Broadcast, after their debut, Lost Souls, was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2000 (losing to Badly Drawn Boy)
Where They Are Now: Released Some Cities (2005) and Kingdom of Rust (2009); toured through 2010; currently on break from recording
FILTER Said: This year marks the release of their sophomore effort, The Last Broadcast, and one might assume their continuing exploration of the lengthy space-rock jam might indicate some recent return visits to the “pharmacy.”
They Said: “Getting sentimental about something, what’s the point? You just have to move on.”

Band: Bright Eyes
Where They Were Then: In a couple of months, Bright Eyes would release Lifted on Saddle Creek and the rest would soon be history.

Here are 3 Q&A’s from our Getting To Know piece to measure Conor Oberst’s soothsaying abilities in 2002…

FILTER: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Conor Oberst: “Hopefully, I’ll still be doing music or something creative. Going back to school has crossed my mind. There are certain classes or subjects I’d be into taking, but obviously there is a lot of total bullshit in college I’d like to skip. I don’t really ever see myself getting a degree to use for an occupation, unless it was teaching. My mom is the principal of an elementary school. It seems like a pretty decent way to live your life.”

FILTER: If a major label were to knock on your door tomorrow with a multi-million dollar deal, what would you do?
Conor Oberst: “It’s not worth it, man. It’s sort of a lose/lose situation. It’s one of those things that’s ‘never say never,’ but I don’t really see it ever making sense.”

FILTER: Have you ever stolen anything? Would you ever date Winona Ryder?
Conor Oberst: “I don’t think I would date Winona Ryder. She’s kind of old.”

*He hasn’t signed to a major label and is still making music, but he was rumored to have dated Winona Ryder not too long after our interview. Of course.

: Balligomingo
Where They Were Then: Garrett Schwartz and Vic Leval had just released the second Balligomingo album, Beneath the Surface
Where They Are Now: Released Under an Endless Sky in 2009 and a remix album the next year
FILTER Said: Part of the reason the “new age” tag isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Schwartz is the feedback he has gotten from the Internet—a great deal of it from people who wouldn’t be drawn to his music if it were more aggressive like, say, The Prodigy.
Band Said: “If it wasn’t for the Internet, we wouldn’t be where we are today. When we looked up how many of our tracks were pirated over Napster, it was literally in the hundreds.”

: South
Where They Were Then: The trio, all 22, was about to embark on their third U.S. tour after releasing a pair of albums and a pair of EPs and collaborating with UNKLE and James Lavelle.
Where They Are Now: Broken up. After releasing three more albums (including 2003’s With the Tides), South split in 2009.
Band Said: “Living in London, it’s just such a mixing pot of what’s going on. We can’t help but to be influenced by stuff that’s going on here—things like dance music and going out.”

: Breakestra
Where They Were Then: Led by Miles Tackett, Breakestra was 5 years into building a steady career as a live-show hip-hop orchestra and frequent L.A. area collaborators; released several mixes and covers collection
Where They Are Now: Released albums of all-original material in 2005 and 2009; still tours, collaborates and DJs today
FILTER Said: Now, the Breakestra, a ten-member group of L.A.-based musicians as obsessed with funk, soul and jazz as they are with hip-hop, is moving away from the front-man rapper phenomenon almost altogether, not to mention two turntables and a microphone.
Band Said: “I’m not gonna argue with anyone who wants to use the term ‘retro.’ But we certainly do not have people walk out there onstage with afros and platforms and bell-bottoms. Those guys give funk a bad name.”


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